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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Political Wife Alert

Whooooop, whoooop, whoooop. (That's the red-alert klaxon of Star Trek and my obligatory Trekkie reference for the week. I do not know why this is required but hey, if Lileks and Glenn Reynolds do it so must we all.) The sensors are sounding a political wife alert....

Ask yourself this - which political wife of the last 20 years has all the bubbly friendly charm of Hillary Clinton, the policy credentials of Laura Bush, the stylish aura of Madelaine Albright, the trendiness of Tipper Gore and the "I feel your pain" ability to convince the average voter that she understands their lives of Theresa Heinz Kerry?

Thinking hard, are you? Suck on a gin-soaked raisin or two for inspiration while you answer this question - would you recommend that this political wife throw her hat into the ring for a governorship? Would you donate money to her campaign?

Here's the scoop at Opinion Times. You can drink the rest of the bottle of gin now, whether for consolation because you are a Republican or to celebrate because you are a Democrat.

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