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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Eating Major Crow

The hardest part about eating crow is the dryness of the feathers. I advise washing them down with a lot of liquid should you ever find yourself in my position.

What has driven me to this expedient was my post (no, I am not linking to it) objecting to Dick Morris' column about the David Rosen trial. Morris alleged that Hillary knew about it. I alleged Dick Morris had a grudge against Hillary Clinton and implied he was trying to frame her. Chomp, chomp, chomp.

Remembering that Rosen's trial for filing a false FEC report was supposed to start May 3rd, I was googling for news of it. Up popped Hillcap.org, which is a site dedicated to the exploration of this event. It has trial documents for Peter Paul's civil lawsuit against the Clintons, and it turns out that the lawsuit may have caused Rosen's indictment. If these allegations are true (there are court documents on the website), things aren't looking too good for Hillary's 2008 campaign. Thus the crow, chomp, chomp, chomp:
The Hollywood Gala Farewell Salute to President Bill Clinton took place on August 12, 2000 in Los Angeles, during the week of the Democratic National Convention. Event creator and producer Peter Paul had promised President Clinton that he would spend $525,000 to host the Gala, intended to double as the largest fundraiser for Hillary Clinton's New York Senate campaign, and that he would invite his Hollywood friends to publicly endorse Hillary's candidacy. Paul's purpose in doing this was to show his good faith in preparing to work with Bill Clinton after he left the White House the following January. Paul stated in his pending civil suit that in July of 2000 Bill Clinton had agreed to work with him and two of his companies for a $15 million package consisting of stock, cash and a contribution to the Clinton library. Paul was especially interested in Bill Clinton's help to rapidly expand Stan Lee Media.
This doesn't get any better either. There is a letter on the website that Paul supposedly sent the Hillary campaign which demanded that they give him back his contributions (this was after he got in money trouble) because they had never reported them. There is a copy of a fax Paul says was sent to him by David Rosen telling him to transmit $100,000 in stock to a NY organization called Working Families Party. Paul says (and supposedly another person testified under oath confirming this) that $55,000 was sent. The Working Families Party says they have no knowledge of it. Chomp, chomp, chomp. Sounds like laundering.

See the documents page for more. All of this would explain how Rosen got in such trouble, because it is an awfully hard charge to make stick and this information seems to show how the charges against him will be proved. It sure looks like Rosen is going down. Altogether Paul alleges that a team including both Clintons, Rosen, James Levin and Aaron Tonkin conspired to defraud him of 1.9 million dollars. I doubt Paul will win, and I doubt Hillary can ever be personally tied to this, but I also don't think her 2008 presidential bid can survive this sort of disclosure.

No wonder Kerry just made it clear that he was running in 2008. Chomp, chomp, chomp. In his civil complaint, Paul claims he was contacted by Tonkin and asked to contribute, but that then he came up with the idea of giving a bunch of stock in his company to get Bill Clinton to work with him after he left office. In the process of this alleged fraud, Paul claims he was held up for contributions to Hillary Clinton and Al Gore as well. Call it a target-rich environment. I'm sure all of this is being put up specifically to derail Hillary's bid and that there is political motivation. Nonetheless, these accusations appear to have some documentation behind them.

So chomp, chomp, chomp.

Oh poor MoM, here...let me pass you some Pepto-Bismol, it is known that you will feel better having eaten the crow... then to let it stick in yer craw.

But I've never known anyone quite so cute in the process;)
I'm peeved and ashamed about this one. I still have to eat crow because I was insisting over at Lancelot Finn's that Howard Dean was a good choice for DNC Chair. Ever since he has done nothing but make extreme statements.

I'd rather not be cutely foolish.
Welcome to my table. I've had that dish you are describing a time or two myself.

Have you had Humble Pie yet?
Every day for breakfast. It's not quite as tough....
you live you learn, but what was cute was the way you handled it. it made me want to hug you.
...hearing you chomp away throughout...
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