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Sunday, August 21, 2005

At Last An Explanation For Al Gore

We don't laugh at handicapped people, right?

So next winter when Al Gore is giving a speech in the middle of a blizzard about global warming, remember this. It's all clear now. Al got hit by a strangelet, which has weighed down his brain and causes odd explosions of irrationality. Also this is an excellent excuse for unexplained weight grain - you've got a strangelet stuck in your hair:
Strangelets - sometimes also called strange-quark nuggets - are predicted to have many unusual properties, including a density about ten million million times greater than lead. Just a single pollen-size fragment is believed to weigh several tons.
The scientists looked for events producing two sharp signals, one as it entered Earth, the other as it emerged again. They found two such events, both in 1993. The first was on the morning of October 22. Seismometers in Turkey and Bolivia recorded a violent event in Antarctica that packed the punch of several thousand tons of TNT. The disturbance then ripped through Earth on a route that ended with it exiting through the floor of the Indian Ocean off Sri Lanka just 26 seconds later - implying a speed of 900,000 mph.

The second event took place on November 24, when sensors in Australia and Bolivia picked up an explosion starting in the Pacific south of the Pitcairn Islands and travelling through Earth to appear in Antarctica 19 seconds later.
Snow 'em with science, I say. One of these little boogers is supposed to hit the earth every year or so.

Do I need to start fixing my tin foil hat now or can it wait a few weeks? :)
Well, one hit a year with something the size of a grain of pollen ... I'd say the odds are with us!
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