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Monday, August 15, 2005

Bites And Ham Morsels

Florida Cracker has weathered a canine crisis. See Hambone Day.

And in other news, city commissioners are incredibly good at economics, or believe that they are. That's why we have such successful public projects in this country, right? Eminent domain is a really cheap way for developers to get rich, but that's little consolation when it is your property that's seized to make them rich. If they need it so much, they should be forced to share the profits with the property owners.... But you know that bird just isn't going to fly, right? There would be less left over for donations to the election campaigns of city commissioners, and it is amazing how public-spirited developers are on the local level. Just amazing.

Speaking of flying birds, the Netherlands is considering requiring its poultry businesses to keep birds inside:
The Dutch government said on Friday that it was considering to force poultry farmers to keep their poultry inside following the recent case of bird flu in Russia and Kazakhstan

The migration of birds from Siberia to Europe is about to start. In the autumn the migratory birds from that region will have reached the Netherlands.

According to the ministry, there is a chance that contaminated birds, through their droppings, among other things, will contaminate poultry in the Netherlands.
Probably. The outbreak in Chelyabinsk was confirmed. It's moving right along. In case you think I'm being alarmist about the threat to points south and west, including Iraq, I've got company in Russia:
"An analysis of bird migration routes has shown that in autumn 2005...the H5N1 virus may be spread from Western Siberia to the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea," Gennady Onishchenko said in a letter to Russian regional health officials.

The letter was posted on the Web site of the state's consumer rights watchdog.

"Apart from Russia's south, migrating birds may spread the virus to nearby countries (Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Georgia, Ukraine, Mediterranian countries) because bird migration routes from Siberia also go through those regions in autumn," he said in the letter.
It might happen a little sooner than expected, too. People in some districts have been shooting at flying birds to try to keep them from infecting their livestock. So the birds will be moving along a little faster and more to the wild areas where it is less likely that testing will be done on random wild bird carcasses. Some countries don't have good reporting and disease control, so the virus could potentially move several hundred kilometers without anyone noticing for a time.

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