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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Bonnie Strikes Again

I'm all for supporting your family, but this is going entirely too far.
Dozens of witnesses outside the Roane County courthouse in Kingston scattered as Jennifer Hyatte, 31, the wife of convict George Hyatte, 34, pulled up and fired at least six shots from a handgun, three of which struck and killed guard Wayne "Cotton" Morgan....

Hyatte climbed into the SUV being driven by his wife and the two sped off while a guard returned fire. The vehicle was found nearby with three bullet holes and blood on the driver's side.

Jennifer Hyatte was once a nurse under contract to the Tennessee Department of Corrections, but her contract was terminated when she struck up a relationship with inmate George Hyatte, according to a department spokesman.
Great, just great.

Well, if they do get away, that man will taking out the trash without being asked- for life.

In anycase, that is one event she won't ever let him forget.
Well, for all we know he was in prison for petty theft and will now be stalked by his murderous wife.

A pretty chilling story.
It's just stupid- the cops will never, ever, stop looking for them- especially after they killed one.
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