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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Captain's Quarters EXPOSED!

Something to laugh over:
The secret to the Captain's prolific (and profligate) blogging is that he outsources his work; all of his posts are written by sweatshop laborers in Nicaragua.

Because the event was live, though, Ed resorted to using domestic child labor (Tennessee has no laws against such activity.) In this shocking photo a young child is forced to smile for the cameras as she types furiously into the template used to generate the posts about Air America.
The dire truth about Captain's Quarters comes out, and it was brought to you courtesy of Charmaine Yoest. Exploitation of innocents is apparently a trait of right-wing bloggers. This cat makes his human do it.

Also, the right wingnuts have to stop with all this terrorism nonsense. There are no terrorists, except for Bush. Emails about attacks are not proof of terrorism. Reconnaissance attempts by people who sent the emails are not proof of anything. It's all just har, har, har good fun. Article:
SCOTLAND YARD believes it has thwarted an Al-Qaeda gas attack aimed at ministers and MPs in parliament. The plot, hatched last year, is understood to have been discovered in coded e-mails on computers seized from terror suspects in Britain and Pakistan.

Police and MI5 then identified an Al-Qaeda cell that had carried out extensive research and video-recorded reconnaissance missions in preparation for the attack.
DU responses:
5. Breaking News: MI5 foils widespread tiger attacks!
Obviously they're doing something right. England has become a virtual tiger attack-free zone.
Have some faith, people. The war on tiger terror has been a wild success.
You see the point. It's not as if anyone were blowing up subways or anything....
13. "foil" "cracked" To foil something people have to actually be doing it not merely thinking about it.
This sounds like they found some ramblings that came to nothing. How is this something to crow about.
I guess number 13 doesn't like the British Parliament.

But DU can still dream and aspire and struggle for a better world. In response to this thread entitled "Describe YOUR perfect world":
I'd like to see DU become a sort of "Think Tank" for the Democratic Party. A place where legislators can come to get ideas. We have the knowledge, we have the experience, we have the will to make the world a better place. So - tell us your ideas!
We read several simple but heartfelt responses:
5. momma Barbara Bush was never concieved

6. That WOULD be a perfect World!
How, how ... inspirational! It's all so simple! No wonder they were so upset by the last election - a few million voters were all that stood between DU and the perfect world, nirvana on earth, the millenium of peace, joy and a perfect Kerry-led nation.

Now of course the real Democrats aren't so ridiculous, so I have finally come up with a fitting name for these people. Lala leftists. That's what they are. Lala leftists. Let us pray that legislators never come to the lala leftists seeking ideas....

Thanks for reminding me about the Conservative Cat. That look on Cat's face cracks me up every time.
Yes - he is so hilariously tomcat. That look of skeptical, arrogant displeasure....
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