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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Couple Of Notes

Tom Carter reviews the Fox News news. Surprising findings! It turns out the accepted wisdom that Fox News is the factor propagandizing all the Bush voters seems unfounded:
What does all this mean? Well, first, the great unwashed masses are a lot smarter than the self-appointed kahunas of the media and academia take them to be. Second, most Democrats (they're not all extreme liberals) and most Republicans (they're not all extreme conservatives) are very poorly understood by the ideologues of both parties.
Kevin at Strategy Revolutions has some truly great comments on world peace:
You see, I don't believe that world peace is achievable; at least not in the near future. I don't think that either side of the debate has the real answer, so I will side with security for my family. It is awfully hard to save the world when you are dead....

The answer to solving 99% of the worlds problems, especially the big ones that cause terrorism, war, poverty, and hunger, lies in us. Each one of us. Again I don't say we are to blame, but the answer is there.

We are snobs. The people of the west are snobs. We look down our noses that the "lesser developed countries" and shrug. "Dictators will be dictators!"
Kevin doesn't buy it. I totally admire this man. He is a realistic idealistic person, and that is the hardest thing in the world to pull off. He's dead right about the snobbery of the west. There is no country that can't lift itself up as long as it is willing to be realistic and do the long hard work of trying to improve without attempting unachievable victories. The west is addicted to instant gratification, and far too many people want the third world to snap its fingers and turn into some carbon copy of the west. Well, it took hundreds of years for us to get where we are and it took Japan about 60 years to go from the 1930's feudalistic society to a first world country.

What the west has learned - medicine, technology, and political rules - absolutely are transferable to the developing world, as long as the developing countries are willing to develop themselves. If the people in power just want to stay in power and get rich, of course it is not going to happen. We need to stop condescending and to make common cause with the people in these countries rather than trying to buy off their sleazy warlords.


Thank you for the link and the kind words. I really do appreciate it.

I just think that it is a bit hypocritical of the left to say that only the west can enjoy freedom, everyone else has to be controlled by a strong hand. Kind of reminds me of European Imperialism and Manifest Destiny. Belongs in the 1800s not in the 2000s.

Dead on. That's exactly what it is.
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