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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Disease News From China And Russia

According to Boxun, there are hundreds dead in Sichuan, not 39. Scroll down in this Agonist thread. Here's a partial excerpt:
"What kind of a government is this? Only one that knows how to slack, eat, sleep and drink."

"I'm from Sichuan, my friend told me that there are more than 300 deaths, the figure cannot be 38."

"What's the point of sacking so many officials because of these deaths? To falsify reports / mask the truth when it concerns the lives and deaths of people is a major ethical issue and violates humans rights. I hope the relevant authorities will deal with the issue in accordance to the request of the people. I seek everyone's support!"

"Falsification of reports is definitely happening! Considering the geographical spread of the virus, how can there be only 38 deaths? (When I called home, my family members told me that there was a family which had a pig weighing more than 200kg. When it died, they had 4 workers to help the 3 of their own family deal with this dead pig. Before they could finish, a few of them fell to the floor consecutively. The time between onset of initial symptoms and death was approximately 20 minutes. How can they still say that this illness is curable?) Utter nonsense. How can they say that this epidemic is under control? What a lie."

"Exactly how many people are dead? Where are the 'Health people' (WHO? or local?) Officially there are only a few dozen deaths, but why are there natives saying that there are a few hundred instead? And controls are being placed on the movements of people now!"
Something is definitely wrong. This is the August 6th official update:
The Sichuan 'Strep. suis' disease has added two cases, bring the total cases to 214, and addiing one new death, bringing the death toll to 39....
The 214 cases are distributed in 36 districts in Ziyang, Chengdu, Zigong, Suining, Yibin, Lujou, Deyang, Leshan, Mianyang, and Nanchong (cities and areas), 132 country markets (streets), 202 villages (local committees). There hasn't been a report of new cases in Ziyang for 9 days, in Suining for 5 dyas, in Nanchong for 4 days, in Neijiang for 4 days, in Xigong for 4 days, and in Leshan for 3 days.
How on earth can there be cases in 202 villages if there are only 214 total cases? It makes no sense at all. I am thinking their case total is really just a count of locations/, and that they are only reporting multiple deaths after the first case in a location.

Also, H5N1 is spreading in Russia. See this thread with all the reports. A Russian just logged into the Agonist forum and posted a mention that there were a bunch of pneumonias in the regions of Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk . The authorities are attributing it to the heat, but temps in the 80's shouldn't be causing this:
In Krasnoyarsk sharply grew a quantity of sick people by sharp pneumonia and suffering cardiovascular diseases. Reason for this - the steady in the city anomalous heat. Escaping from the intense heat, people for a long time bathe or frequently drink cold beverages. Physicians say that as a result many are supercooled and chill. It is numerous such, which obtain supercooling in the intoxicated state. Frequently chill the owners of the foreign-produced brands, in which in the salon constantly work the conditioners. Furthermore, hot weather negatively acts on the people, which suffer cardiovascular diseases. As they described in the urban hospital number 20, in essence these are the patients of elderly age. However, there was the case, when infarction because of the heat happened in 23- summer young person.
As they reported in the urban station of the first aid of Novosibirsk, as a result of hot days the number of special calls sharply grew.

Daily into the "fast" turn themselves 1700-1800 townspeople. According to the doctors, in people in this weather are developed hypertonic crises and as consequence myocardial infarctions and strokes. As the agency of national news notes, grew the number of lethal outcomes. There were already several cases, when the doctors of first aid did not manage soak to patient, the agency of national news reports.
We will know for sure in a couple of weeks. Novosibirsk was one of the first areas to report this new wave of H5N1. Reports from China had described pond water contamination from the feces of infected water birds. Another translation blamed some of the illness upon swimming in cold reservoirs.

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