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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Evening Nightcap

If only! Trans Sient's Watch muses upon the news. Fill 'er up! (Boy would men be smug if this ever happens! We women would be carrying funnels. Would gas stations be selling a bottle of water for $2.00?)

Mamacita writes about Momzilla (not me!). This post tells a sad tale that plays itself out all too often in our schools. Mamacita tells the story with her own riproaring brand of astonished humor and reflection.

The Barking Dingo bursts into song as he contemplates some answers gleaned from student's answers on the NY Regents exam to a question about the environment. We can tell that they are not Mamacita's students. The question was "State one specific long-term action that humans could take that might slow down or reduce the melting of the ice fields."

Michele has got the wrong song stuck in her head. Go help her out with a new one. In my opinion, this is why classical music is indispensable. Do wah diddy diddy can't conquer an entire symphony. Try Pavarotti.

Minh-Duc at State Of Flux writes about something that we don't need to worry about. He's right. This is silly. Japan just isn't dangerous.

Carl at No Oil For Pacifists thinks faith comes through epiphanies. Certainly it is a gift rather than something earned.

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred writes about worship, which should be the outcome of faith:
Here is a variation of an exercise, learned from a friend. Each day, find thirty times to do something positive for someone else. Call home for no reason. Encourage a friend. Talk to each of your kids. Say something kind to a co worker. Extend yourself- that is, illuminate the way for another, thirty times a day.

That simple exercise teaches by example. It is true that many exert power by command. Others exert influence by example. The power of the former lasts only as long as they are present, or by fear and intimidation. The power of the latter lasts as long as they continue to inspire. You rise to a higher level on your own, inspired to find your higher self.
That's worship. Active worship.

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