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Saturday, August 27, 2005

George Galloway And Jane Fonda

The Independent Online is reporting that Galloway and Fonda are joining up for a speaking tour:
George Galloway, the anti-war MP for Bethnal Green and Bow who rocked the US Senate earlier this year, is to be accompanied on a speaking tour of America by the actress and activist Jane Fonda.

Few things are more likely to antagonise US conservatives than the combination of Mr Galloway and Ms Fonda - still hated by the right because of her outspoken opposition to the war in Vietnam - joining to condemn the American presence in Iraq. But Mr Galloway can expect a thunderous reception from those he impressed with his performance before a Senate committee last May.
Oh, I think what Fonda did was more than "outspoken opposition". I think it was aiding and abetting.

As for Mr. Galloway's "thunderous reception", the thunder is likely to be accompanied with a hail of missiles or tar and feathers if he hits some places in the south with Jane Fonda on his arm. For that matter, I know some sweet old benevolent bird-feeding ladies in the NE who would like to get a good solid whack at Jane Fonda.

I'm serious. I'm not recommending violence at all, I'm saying that there is a high, high risk of violence. Galloway is on record as saying that the left should ally itself with the terrorists who bomb people. Fonda is just doing the same old treasonous thing. The university/journalistic chittering class doesn't understand, because they don't have anyone in their families serving and they haven't had anyone serving. People are likely to look at this thing as the Tour of Traitors.

Pardon me while I join two hundred million other Americans in a huge yawn. Besides the MSM, who gives a shit about Fonda? Just a washed up old broad who can no longer get a job even in Commiewood. There is such a thing as the generation gap, and in her case it's the generation canyon. Reminds me of the old Sandburg line: suppose they gave a war and nobody came?
95 million Americans can cause quite a ruckus.

Even if individual Americans ignore the Tour of Twits, the media won't. That's what is aggravating a lot of people. They can't slap down Linda Foley, so they would be likely to try to make their point at an occasion such as this.
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