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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I Think He Has A Case

The shuttle landed safely (live continued video coverage at Space.com) and I am feeling relieved and frisky.

Mike Abrams is willing to settle:
As you can clearly see, this is an open and shut case. You are all - according to your own examples – guilty of sexual harassment. And I am obviously a victim. Of course, I now want what all victims want. In other words, I want a lot of your money.
The website. His claim:
...you have clearly sexually harassed me and, in fact, every other man who has logged on to the Women’s Center website. For example, ASU claims that “telling racist, sexist, homophobic jokes that demean people because of their protected class membership” is sexual harassment.

...the ASU website also says that sexual harassment can take the form of simply “stating that people of one sex are inferior to people of the other sex or can’t perform their jobs as well as a result of their sex....
So let's level the playing field and bring on the blonde and guy jokes. We can laugh again. Legally.

My feeling is that your average college-age male defines sexual harassment as not getting enough, so there may be a collision of cultures here when we try to level the playing field. Bring popcorn, this should be fun.

Congratulations to the shuttle crew.

As to this post. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Or what comes around goes around. Etc. Etc. Sexual harrassment lawsuits these days are just lotteries.
Yes, I think the lottery issue is what Mike is getting at. And I have never understood how one fights bigotry by being a bigot.
Like I said, this world is beginning to resemble a Salvadoer Dali painting, more and more, everydaty.
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