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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Interviewing DU

The good folks (I couldn't resist) at DU have been greatly disturbed by Hillary Clinton and the DLC. After thinking the matter over, they have now decided to create their own political program to enable the progressive wing of the Democratic party to motivate the American people. Now many bloggers are getting into the interviewing newsy business, so I decided to pretend to interview some DU posters:

If Hillary Clinton and the DLC aren't allowed to craft a centrist agenda for the Democratic party, how will the party appeal to most American voters?
Democrats must understand that American people are dumb and ignorant -

Not meant as a putdown, but stated as a fact. And when they talk to the "American people", they need to speak to them in much simpler laguage. A very small percentage really understands intellectual discussion of the issues. They want it put on a bumpersticker for them. It does no good for our candidates to come out with a 12-step program to get our economy going again. Democrats need to re-learn language. They need to learn to talk with the people like they are in the first grade. Don't confuse them or waste their time with "political" talk.
So, you are suggesting that the Democratic voter initiative should be a firm admonition to vote Democrat and not worry our dumb ol' heads about the details of what the Democratic political agenda will be?
Rethugs have known this for a long time. What do you think Limbaugh meant when he talked about the "sheeple."
I think he might have been talking about people who just blindly voted for one party....
Come spend some time in Nebraska talking to Bush supporters...and I bet that you'll change your opinion.

After nearly 20 years here, I can confidently state that many, many, many people here are genuinely and unquestionably ignorant and stupid.
I see. All Bush voters are ignorant and you don't think that there is any purpose in creating a political agenda that might appeal to anybody who voted for Bush?
It's a waste of time to talk to the willfully ignorant.
They don't want to know.
I hope these type of people aren't allowed to dominate the internal discussions within the Democratic party. If they get their way the Democratic party will split or become a minority party. This isn't funny any more. And DU is no different than Kos and that ilk. Cussing and contempt can't run a country.

It's a very powerful argument if you can make it and believe..."the fact that you disagree with me is proof of your stupidity."

I may start using it myself.
True. And imagine how efficient it is! Plus it rhymes and makes a very catchy campaign slogan - "1, 2, 3, 4, Watch The Democratic Party Hit The Floor"

Is the Kos/DU political platform really:

1) You disagree with me, therefore

2) You R STUPID!

3) No one should listen to you because it is a waste of time to listen to stupid people,

4) Therefore there is no need to deal with your concerns.
In this one post, you have shown why the GOP will win the next presidential election.

The hard left is driving the bus over the cliff.
You all only think these things because you're so stupid. Are you from Kansas?
No, but I have it on good authority from DU that everyone from Georgia belongs to the KKK, married their cousin and deliberately votes for poverty because they are "religiously insane".

No doubt in 2007 Jimmy Carter will write the Georgia volume in the series, titled "There Is Nothing Good About Georgia", and then watch in gloomy satisfaction as Georgians vote for whatever halfway sane Republican they can find, thus proving that Georgia is too stupid to be allowed to vote, which will then become a semi-official plank in the Democratic party platform.
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