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Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday, Monday

Very good hurricane coverage at NOLA.com. They have a hurricane log.

Coffee has a lot of antioxidants. It's supposed to be protective against Alzheimers too. I'm wondering what Sheehan drinks. I suspect it is a lot of diet Coke.

Via a comment at Lucianne.com, you can listen live at Newsradio 1150 WJBO. Click the Listen Live link.

No Oil For Pacifists found a blogger last night who was blaming Katrina on Bush. No kidding.

And if that doesn't get you laughing, go check out Tom Carter's joke of the day.

I take my coffee black, no sugar. I really am a health nut.

As for blaming Mr Bush for Katarina, well, I wonder why it took so long?
They don't call it the "Slacker Nation" for nothing.
I steer clear of the Sheehan topic, but your comment was too funny!

As for Bush blaming ::sigh::
Tom Carter's joke of the day is good too.
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