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Monday, August 29, 2005

More Gulfport /NO Katrina News

It's sounding pretty bad in Gulfport. Courtesy DU, I found the SunHerald log which is covering the area. They report widespread damage:
The Biloxi River is flowing over the bridge on Interstate 10, to what one observer guessed was perhaps 6 feet.

Reports from Harrison Central 9th Grade School in North Gulfport are that three of four walls there have collapsed.

At least three firehouses in Gulfport have taken significant damage. The company at Station 8 in Lyman was involved in a rescue operation of some sort, one spokesman said he thought it was an apartment complex.

Red Cross official said virtually all their shelters have received some sort of damage, including broken windows, leaky windows, no power and the like, but there have been no injuries. The most significant damage was at Lyman Elementary, where they lost two buildings.
Helpful phone info sent in by a reader:
This lets people know about the storm and what percentage of the Cellular South wireless network is up in specific geographic areas. This will be important as people try to contact family and friends.
Tanya Rankin (601.573.7134) is the contact at Cellular South. It will be important for people to use text messaging as much as possible instead of voice to help the network.

The fire station just north of the railroad tracks on Kelly Ave. just east of downtown Gulfport is taking on water. People on Second Street are calling to be evacuated from their attics.

Wolf River is 23 feet, the highest it's ever been
The tidal surge is 28 feet, and has been taking some homes off their slabs.
There are reports of some people being trapped in their attics/ on their roofs.
When the shelters are taking damage you know things are pretty bad. It sounds like several of the emergency ops centers were shut down because of damage.

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