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Friday, August 19, 2005

More On Helios

They have grounded the Helios fleet. There's a pretty good thread on Airliners.net Civil Aviation on the crash (from Florida Cracker). This one has some interesting discussion on whether the FA was trying to fly the plane with the autopilot still on.

PPRUNE's thread is long, but the last two pages have some very interesting stuff about differing oxygen mask regulations in various countries and whether putting an O2 mask on should be a requirement whenever one person is left in the cockpit at high altitudes. Apparently EU regs don't require that.

It's common to complain about speculation, but I bet some very experienced pilots will be checking their masks a lot more carefully. I think these discussion forums serve a real purpose for pilots.

Update: Okay, I drifted over to see what Tommy at Striving For Average was up to (Buenos Aires). Tommy is a pilot, although that is just a coincidence. Tommy is studying for his training updates, and get this:
...one of the things it recommends doing in the event of an emergency situation is to loosen your tie.
Under the circumstances I did not find that at all funny. Next time you get on plane, make sure to tell the pilots to loosen their ties before they take off. Seconds count in emergencies.

I wonder why the following possibiilities have not been considered.
My reasoning is the statement that without a body, there is no c\ase, why is the certainty that there is no body, is not a magnet, for why, the certainty of innocense being declared due to no body, perhaps she is alive or body was not discoverable as destroyed, totally, understand,
Since, without a Body, is the reason that the Judge Van der Sloot, based his advice to his son, Joran, and Deepak, and other rapist, there is no case, his surety is that they would not be convicted of anything.
Then, yoiu can see, his care was for his son and friends though apparently are at least, are rapists and kidnappers.
If the stories are true of their activities prior to the disappearance and the intent of Judge Van der Sloot and
other Judges is not for tourists on Aruba.
It has been whispered and accusations, veiled made against the Prince Consort of Holland's Queen, that he is part Owner of Brothels in Holland.
What a shepherd of citizens of Holland.
If so, then you can see what kind of judges are installed in Aruba, and maybe even for sole purpose of recruitment of Slaves for Prostitution in Holland.
Reports that the Judge said to the Teens that without a body, there is no case, raised concerns that the case is being quashed or made of non effect to find the killers, and reports that deepak remarked a disdain that the FBI from U.S. was investigating, made me and others angry.
Further, if so that the Judge Van Der Sloot, said no body, no case, means that he knew no body, and either the body was not recoverable or that she is alive, if not recoverable he and his friends and son are complicit, and if alive then she is a slave or worse somewherre, and he is still complicit, so draw your conclusions as to why Americans are angry.
----- Original Message -----

Sent: Sunday, August 07, 2005 7:14 PM
Subject: is it possible that natalie holloway, was enslaved for prostitution in holland
Is it possible, that the notable Prostitution Places in Holland, would be cause of attrition due to disease and death due to shortened life span require forced or enslaved into Bondage as Prostitutes.
They could actually have legal help like the Vander Sloots to Kidnap or Press young girls into service n Holland Houses of Prostitution,
You know, this is very weird. I am leaving it up as a monument to random weirdness.
One never knows.
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