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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New Orleans Levee Breaks

It sounds like it couldn't be worse. New Orleans is now flooding from Lake Ponchatrain because of levee breaks. The feared catastrophe appears to have happened:
Of most importance is the breach of the levee between Jefferson and Orleans Parish.
“We probably have 80 percent of our city under water with some sections of our city the water is as deep as 20 feet”.
Both airports are underwater
The twin spans are destroyed.
No telling when this chain of disaster will stop. They are going to have to get the people still in the city out. Tulane University reported the water rising an inch every five minutes.

Update: CNN reports breach 200 feet long and whitecaps on Canal Street. It's going to be awfully hard to fix under the circumstances, but until the levees are restored they can't start to pump water out of New Orleans.

FYI, martial law has been declared in New Orleans.

"All civil rights have been suspended."

Residents are being asked to leave and water is rising in central New Orleans. They do not know the source of the rising water. There will be no help available for an ideterminate amount of time.

In addition, some fires are now being reported.

City managers are attempting to put power generators on barges. No power restotation expected for up to a month.
Probably through the sewer system.

The problem is that, geologically speaking, deltas "float". They are unstable and with all the water flowing in the very infrastructure of the city may well be disrupted.
I did not know that- thanks for heads up.

I wonder if, in reality New Orlean can even be rebuilt to what it was.

I wonder if it SHOULD be rebuilt to that extent. If, as you say, the deltas 'float,' the threat will only be reinstated.
When I was in college it was a great debate. The city is sinking anyway. Part of that is due to reduced flow and floods in the Mississipi, but any time you build a city on a delta it is highly vulnerable.

One very recent estimate I read was that under the best circumstances, NO could not be maintained in its current form past 80 years. People have proposed moving the city in the past.
I've seen it said somewhere before and I think it fits

New Orleans is one of the great cities of the world, but it isn't one of the great places to build a city in the world"
Reminds me of Venice, only fast forward at high speed.

Like it or not, like you say, MOM, NO has to be moved.

The magnitude of what that means, is stupendous.
a) that would be like moving venice. It is just a city that can't be moved. Minneapolis, yes. Dallas, yes. New Orleans, it just wouldn't be New Orleans.

b) New Orleans (city proper) actually fared better than the surrounding areas. The pictures you see are mainly of New Orleans East and Meterie which are on higher ground but are in a differnt levee system. Same thing with the 9th ward which is on the other side of the canal.

The best defense for all of Louisiana is the wetlands restoration
Dingo, wetlands can help as a barrier to incoming floods but they won't stop the sinking.
You were the first I saw that posted about the levee breaking. Congrats.
Mover Mike
Mike, I do not feel pride....

My mind is blown by the sheer scope of the disaster.
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