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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

News And Great Reads

For Katrina news and links scroll down or click here.

The Cotillion was not deterred by minor matters such as hurricanes, even though Beth of VRWC had to evacuate Mobile, AL and a few members are fighting battles with the hurricane-induced air travel fiasco. I'll give just a couple of samples from this week's offering to whet your whistle. See Baldilocks on the Code Pink protesters in front of Walter Reed. You simply must read the post and the comments, for example:
Code Pink for Peace is a self-described "grassroots peace and social justice movement" formed in December 2002 to join the cadre of anti-war groups protesting against America's then-impending war in Iraq. Code Pink was founded by four experienced activists and hardcore Communists - Jodie Evans, Medea Benjamin, Diane Wilson, and a radical Wiccan activist calling herself Starhawk.
The Communists are doing the same thing they always have and always will - attempt to destabilize western society, whether it's George Galloway and Jane Fonda greasing up the highways or the Code Pinkos. They are attempting to stab our soldiers in the back by undercutting the war effort, and they will stop at nothing to attempt to distort the news or the real accomplishments in Iraq. Soldier's Angel - Holly Aho posts on how to get some real news from Iraq. Fausta of The Bad Hair Blog is included, but I want to also direct you to this resource post on Venezuela. Please do visit the Cotillion; you will notice a wide range of opinions and an extreme lack of superficiality in the group.

On to other things. Betsy Newmark of Betsy's Page makes a stunningly good observation in this post about the claims that Roberts is "anti-woman":
Roberts's views on abortion and other issues may be a legitimate cause for concern for women's rights groups. Yet so far his critics have resorted to so many bad arguments that one must wonder if they have any good ones.
They are not batting a thousand, that's for sure. And I will end this with an old but great post by Carl at No Oil For Pacifists, a.k.a. the "wrong-thinker". He discusses political bias in law schools and ends with this anecdote:
I was one of the few conservatives in law school. My views were tolerated at best, derided at worst. I remember a First Amendment course taught by an old-time socialist. He was smart and funny, but increasingly frustrated with my interjections. So, after calling on me about halfway through the semester, he paused for a few seconds, put hands on hips, and said "Carl--you're a wrong thinker and should be liquidated." He never solicited my views again.
I've heard of law school being tough, but death sentences? Communist thought as brought to you by your neighboring law school. Communists can't tolerate freedom and most especially not free thought or speech.

Carl obviously doesn't go to Tulane... not that there is much left of Tulane to go to.
I think some parts of it are above water level, right?

This is unbelievable. People are, at one stroke, losing their homes, jobs and cars. I am afraid that the casualties will be over 200. It is such a wide area.
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