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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The News Of Life And Death

Susan Torres made it. Her baby was born alive and so far in good shape. One pound 13 ounces. Suasn Anne Catherine Torres came into the world and now her mother can leave it. I will never believe that Susan Torres wasn't fighting in some way to make this happen. By the end the cancer had invaded her major organs.

Seven marines were killed earlier this week in the Haditha action. Now a bomb has killed another 14 and the interpreter riding with them. Salute their sacrifice and pray for their families. A donation in their honor to one of the many groups set up to help those serving and their families wouldn't hurt either. Here is AER's link page.

Amnesty International won't condemn the attacks on US soldiers in Iraq, but it has woken up to the idea that the "insurgents" act like terrorists:
"There is no honor nor heroism in blowing up people going to pray or murdering a terrified hostage. Those carrying out such acts are criminals, nothing less, whose actions undermine any claim they may have to be pursuing a legitimate cause," Amnesty said.

The Amnesty International report -- "In Cold Blood: Abuses by Armed Groups" -- said insurgents were guilty of direct attacks intended to cause the greatest possible loss of civilian life, indiscriminate attacks resulting in the deaths of civilians, targeting humanitarian organizations, abductions and killing captured and defenseless police and military personnel.
Well, if they are criminals, aren't the soldiers trying to defend Iraq against them doing the necessary and the noble thing? (I am including both the Iraqi and international soldiers.) What of the police who are constantly being attacked? Amnesty is saying too little, too late. These aren't insurgents. They are terrorists.

The country has elected representatives who are trying to set up a constitutional government. The terrorist opposition threatens the people who hold office as a result of popular elections, and they don't just threaten the individuals - they also threaten their families. AI"s statement might move them out of the apologist group, but they are still firmly in the sympathizer camp.

Right- like AI is going tell it straight.

The Susan Torres story is poignant, for sure.

More than that, the age and weight of viability outside the womb lowers. That of course, for now, remains unspoken.
A really cynical person might think that AI's sudden revelation here had something to do with exploding subways in London.

Good point. Medicine's advances are going to force some changes in abortion legislation regardless of any changes in society's attitude. Although babies surviving at the weight and age reported for Susan Catherine aren't rare or new. My count is 27 or 28 weeks at least.
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