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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Omar Bakri Update

Lebanon arrested Bakri briefly, giving no reason for the arrest, but it occurred after he gave a TV interview:
Radical Islamic preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed has been arrested in Lebanon - less than a week after leaving Britain.

He was held in the capital Beirut after giving a TV interview in which he said he would only return to Britain as a visitor but not as a persona non grata.
In the meantime the Brits have arrested 10 more radicalists, and Lebanon released Bakri. However now the UK has banned him from reentering the country:
Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, used existing powers to take away the radical preacher's refugee status on the grounds that his presence in Britain was "not conducive to the public good".
Arab News reports also that Syria wants him extradited:
Bakri’s past appeared to be catching up with him fast, as it emerged that he could be extradited from Lebanon to his native Syria, which according to reports in Beirut has already lodged an extradition request for the cleric. The UK Home Office confirmed that the decision to bar Bakri would not affect his family. He has seven children, born in Britain, who as dependents of a refugee, are all on state benefits.
From July 21st, here is a sample of Bakri's teachings:
The London bombings: "I blame the British Government and I blame the British people. They are the ones who should be blamed"

Suicide bombings: "We call it self sacrifice. You must fight for the way of Allah - to kill first and be killed. If somebody decided to land an aeroplane over 10 Downing Street, for example - this is a form of self sacrifice"
One can hardly be surprised that this particular scam has finally ended.

I guess Omar Bakri is too hot to handle. It seems no one wants this guy.
The Syrians do. They've been wanting him for 20 years or so.
Omar Bakri had a chance to pratice what he preached, but like all con-men he has been found out.
This brings a smile to my face.
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