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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Possibly PPRuNe

For those who are really curious and don't have to fly very much, you can go to PPRuNe (Professional Pilots Rumor Network) and check in the Rumours & News Forum for news of crashes, etc.

This is a very bad idea if you fly very much. You don't want to know. Sublimate the impulse by going to the Humor section. I recommend the Qantas letter, which is a classic:

In your icy, indeed hostile, telephone call of yesterday, you requested a report about the alleged proceedings involving my crew at the Qantas 75th Birthday celebration at the slip port. As the reports from the local authorities and the head of the Australian legation were undoubtedly a complete fabrication, I take the opportunity to put the truth of the matter on file....
The Aussies always get it in the neck.

If i read up on this do you think it will get me out of having to go to recurrent training in the next couple of months?
You are that you write in the food of the plum trees in the superficial one? That one in the morning a good idea or other that one, because you he would have to use the bathroom frequently.
They are really useful of the plum trees in the flights? He is interesting, Abdul
I think they make you take additional training, Tommy. Especially if they find out that you are posting over there.

The comments on training exercises on some of the various topics are interesting. Also the various reports of pilots finding out accidently that the cockpit oxygen valves were off. Anyway, it's less stupid than many of the media stories. Did you catch the stewardess' report that one of those Helios planes was having trouble with oil fumes in the cockpit? They might have had to turn off the AC.
Abdul, that's funny. Yes, we would not want constipated pilots. Start your day with PPRuNe each morning and let me know how it works for you!

They are professional pilots and they take these accidents very seriously. When they start writing about near-misses and what can go wrong, a passenger doesn't need to eat prunes in order to use the bathroom!

They call passengers "self-loading freight". I'm not sure how well that will translate.
Any of the stuff I would post or read in a forum like that would be through ALPA.

This is why I hate speculating about these things, and I don't want to speculate any more than I already have in a public setting. If you're interested in what I think could have happened drop me an email and I'll respond.
The original self loading baggage was in reference to the flight engineer on the 737. It was the first airplane designed for a 2 pilot cockpit but some of the airlines or ALPA (I'm not sure who was really the driving force) insisted that there be an engineer on board anyway. There wasn't anything for him to do, the airplane was really actually designed for two pilots, so he was in essence self loading baggage.
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