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Thursday, August 11, 2005


You've got to read it. Michael Yon with the soldiers in Iraq.

You've got to read it all. My thanks to Howard at Oraculations for making me read it.

Do you think Kurilla should have been allowed to give his prisoner to the Iraqi police?

Great post over at Yon's. Depressing as hell over at Howard's.
Hey, Maxed Out! Since you don't have an email, I'm responding to your comment here. I have added to the Left Wing Movie piece you commented on which for some reason I cannot tag here, so go to here....
Howard, 10 % of our population is so far out in space that their only hope is that Al Gore floats by and manages to snag them into a closer orbit.

80% of our country is sane. The worms on the ground are turning. These movies will make money. They will also, like Michael Moore, live on as an example of lunacy.

There has been a constant onslaught of propaganda now for 30 years. People with sense have come to distrust this sort of thing. Oliver Stone is a twirp, Spielberg is a joke, and in the meantime people want action. Preferably action that doesn't involve another war, but action. Most of the country cheered when Barbra Streisand lost her lawsuit against the guy who put pictures of her house on the internet and had to pay his legal costs.

People are fed up with the BS. This stuff will fly in the coastal asylums but nowhere else.
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