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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Regarding My Last

See Minh-Duc at State of Flux on the topic of opposing the Iraqi war at this stage:
For a man who never been to Iraq, Wretchard is very perceptive. It is absurd that many anti-war activists are claiming to represent the interest of Iraqis. I just had a conversation with a few friends who oppose the war. They are nice folks who believe that they are looking out for the interest of Iraqis. My question is how many Iraqis do they personally know?
Read it.

Great post- he really drives home the point that in the end, the only thing that ought to be twisted is a pretzel.

Twisted truth always unravels.
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Yes. The situation in Iraq is difficult yet it provides hope for people who want to create a society based on a concept of human dignity. Unless, of course, the mad dogs are permitted to triumph.
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