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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Roads Into Gulfport - Boomr Marooned

All right, I have posted everywhere I can think of, and I am not finding much except other poeple trying to find out the same thing. If anyone knows of open roads into Gulfport, please leave a comment. There must be a way. This is starting to seem like one of those bad WWII movies.

I have Boomr's number but I can't get through.

Update: I got road info from Free Republic. Less than an hour after I registered! Nice forum. I'm in a good mood.

MOM is on her way to find Boomr and family. Everyone, please send your prayers and thoughts with her.
Definitely praying.

God bless this woman.
Your "about me" says that you are an average woman, but right now you seem pretty damn near superhuman to me.

Thanks for going to get Boomr. Best of luck and be safe.
My girlfriend's dad just went to Gulfport onb I-10 from Tallahasee. Just don't try 49 yet - it's still closed for S&R.
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