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Friday, August 05, 2005

Russian Mini-Sub Trapped On Sea Floor

They think it got fouled in a net. There are seven people inside and time is running out. Britain and the US are trying to send help. They are dragging for it with nets:
The Russian sub's propeller became entangled in a fishing net Thursday, and the craft is stuck 625 feet below the surface, Russian navy Capt. Igor Dygalo said on state-run Rossiya television....

"There is air remaining on the underwater apparatus for a day -- one day," he said at about 6 a.m. EDT. "The operation continues. We have a day, and intensive, active measures will be taken to rescue the AS-28 vessel and the people aboard."...

At least one robotic rescue vehicle from San Diego will be shipped on a plane Friday to Russia to help save the submarine. The unmanned vehicle, called a Super Scorpio, can reach depths of up to 5,000 feet and is equipped with high-powered lights, sonar and video cameras, said Capt. Matt Brown, a spokesman for the U.S. Navy's Pacific Fleet in Honolulu.
Even in peace, being in the military forces is quite dangerous.

Let's hope we can get them out safely.

You're right- being in the military, even in peace time, can be a risky business.
Many more of my friends died in peacetime training than have died in combat. I expect for many of the Marines and soldiers now though that is not the case.
Tommy, given the casualty figures in Iraq I would think not! I noticed Afghanistan is heating up too.

Some units have really taken big hits. I'm just hoping they get out of Dodge before bird flu gets in.
"Even in peace, being in the military forces is quite dangerous."

Especially when serving on a sub (especially in the Russian navy).
I think choppers might be the most dangerous of all.

Not that I disagree about the Russian navy.
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