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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sub Still Down

Update: The Brits got there:
Rescue crews lowered a British remote-controlled underwater vehicle to a Russian mini-submarine trapped deep under the Pacific Ocean on Sunday, hoping to free the vessel and its seven trapped crewmen before their air supply ran out.

British crews, who arrived some hours earlier at the remote Kamchatka Peninsula, were working with Russian naval authorities to maneuver the Super Scorpio unmanned robotic vehicle and untangle the AS-28, which was caught up by a military listening antenna 625 feet below the surface nearly three days ago.

Capt. Igor Dygalo told The Associated Press that workers lowered the Super Scorpio at around 11:30 a.m. local time at the site in Beryozovaya Bay about 10 miles off the east coast of the peninsula, north of Japan.
No word on the crew's condition. This is all happening in an area affected by a major storm coming from the south. They aren't in the middle of it, but they should be getting some of it. End Update

Neither the Brit or the American Scorpios are there yet and it sounds like they aren't even close. The latest is that the Russians have supposedly got a cable under the sub and are going to try to lift it closer to the surface so that divers can get down there. The sub got trapped on Thursday:
Russian crews looped cables under an underwater antenna snaring a mini-submarine on the Pacific floor Saturday and would try to lift them closer to the surface before air ran out for seven trapped sailors, a navy spokesman said....

Dygalo said rescuers hoped to raise the sub to a depth of at least 165 feet, which would allow divers to reach the 44-foot-long AS-28 and help the crew swim to the surface.

Rescuers made contact with the crew Saturday evening and said their condition was "satisfactory" despite temperatures of 41 to 45 degrees in their vessel, Russia's Pacific Fleet commander, Adm. Viktor Fyodorov, said.
But the antennae array is attached to two concrete anchors that are supposed to weigh 60 tons. If you pray, now's the time.

I really hope they are able to do this quickly. It'd be horrible if they did all this but the guys run out of air. Thanks for the update.
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