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Monday, August 01, 2005

The War On Terror

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred are explaining the War on Terror. A woman made them do it. This should be interesting. One gem from the current installment:
We are a necessary ingredient for the Islamists. They need a devil and Israel isn't a big enough devil. It's the Big Satan, Little Satan thing. In fact, their relationship with us is schizophrenic.

They cannot credibly claim that we infidels, have not succeeded. By the same measure, they cannot say America is blessed. They cannot say American Muslims are oppressed. Indeed, America affords more dignity to Muslims than most Islamic countries.
Me Big Devil. Biiiiiig Devil. Biiiig Devil Bitch.

One actual coherent thought that occurred to me this weekend is that we are reaping the reward of our failure to stand up against the Palestinian terror movement decades ago. I'm not claiming that Israel is perfect. No country is. But the entire Arab world got on this kick of funding and admiring terrorist attacks in the turmoil of the area around Israel, and now that this is so deeply inculcated in the culture it's going to be hard to root out.

So if we hadn't allowed this to be a credible and successful tactic but instead had treated people behaving this way as having lost their rights to sit at the table, we would have done ourselves a huge favor. By allowing Israel to be attacked and basically blaming her, we helped create this culture. Now we get to face it. Gee, sometimes the world is just.

Wow, MoM -- EXCELLENT FREAKIN' POINT! And one that makes a helluva lot of sense.
"Biiiig Devil Bitch."

Why do I wish I could hear you say that in person?

It would make my day;)
Ilona - I will practice for you, and when I have a suitably menacing rendition I'll post a file. You can kind of tell I was having a bad day.

Esther - When it struck me I was just sitting here, nodding my head, feeling stricken. I believe that what goes around comes around, but in this case it is spattering all around. Those kids getting blown up in Iraq are directly attributable in part to previous failures of our culture to stand up for our principles. Not to mention all the soldiers, etc.

Sometimes the monster under the bed is real!
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