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Monday, August 08, 2005

The World Gone Mad

I've read this article three times and I'm still shaking my head. A Muslim has been living in England for 20 years. Okay, okay, he's maybe not the biggest fan of the UK:
He has praised the September 11 terrorists as 'magnificent', called Israel 'a cancer' and said homosexuals should be 'thrown from Big Ben'.

In January, he declared that Britain had become a 'land of war', and called on Muslims to unite behind Al Qaeda. He has supported suicide bombings and urged his followers to kill non-Muslims ' wherever, whenever'.
Perhaps he's peeved because his welfare payments aren't high enough?
Since Syrian-born Bakri settled in Britain, he and his extended family have raked in benefits amounting to at least £300,000.

He is registered disabled because of an injury to his leg during his childhood, and was recently supplied with a £31,000 Ford Galaxy under the Motability scheme.

Bakri, who lives in a £200,000 home in North London, tops up his £250-a-week benefit payments with an extra £50 incapacity allowance.
Now he's outraged. For some irrational reason that rat Blair wants to deport him! It's not fair:
"If they want to change the law and say that people who are here must live within the framework of those rules, then that is fine," said the 45-year-old cleric.

"But they cannot punish people by backdating it for 20 years or so."
Hey, if you want to live by Sharia, live by Sharia, buster. There's no habeas corpus or prohibition of bills of attainder in Sharia. You don't get to opt for which law system favors you when accepting the welfare check or asylum, and then turn around and announce that the society which is supporting and protecting you is evil and must be destroyed.
Speaking after the Prime Minister announced his clampdown, father-of-seven Sheik Omar Bakri said: "I have wives, children, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law. It would be hard on my family if I was deported."
See? Human compassion dictates that the UK should pay him some more money and provide a safe refuge so he can preach flinging London's gay citizens off Big Ben. That would be the same gay citizens who are contributing their tax dollars to support his wives and children while he advocates killing gay citizens. Maybe they find it a little hard on their families to have people running around demanding that they be killed? I'm just not seeing the milk of human kindness or any conception of fairness in this man's behavior.

Doesn't this illustrate how the British problem of homegrown terrorism has come about? And isn't the solution obvious? How about not making UK citizens financially support those who are agitating for their deaths? I'd say a little welfare reform would go a long, long way toward solving this problem. And make him walk to work. Give the Ford Galaxy to one of the maimed victims of the 7/7 bombings.

Update: Please see this Times Online article detailing the paper's two-month undercover investigation of the same man. How's this for a quote:
Referring to the speed with which police issued closed-circuit television pictures of the suspects in the London attacks, Bakri suggested that they should have covered their faces to conceal their identity from prying CCTV cameras. This sparked a discussion with his right-hand man, Anjem Choudhury, which was taped by our reporter.

Choudhury: “It’s CCTV, sheikh; that’s the killer. You can’t go anywhere without them monitoring you now: down the street; out the station.”

Bakri: “There is million of pictures on CCTV. None of them said this man or this man . . . but when somebody speak, saying my son is this, my son is that, they will take picture of son and they will look at CCTV.”
So "good Muslims" shouldn't cooperate with the police at all. He's really on the side of law and order. Read the whole article, and find out how they beat up other Muslims who disagree with them. Learn how they are encouraged to scam the welfare system and discouraged from working. Read about how they have been taught that voting is wrong:
The sect came to prominence during the general election in April when it launched an intimidatory campaign against fellow Muslims to stop them voting. They were captured on film yelling and attacking members at a meeting of the mainstream Muslim Council of Britain.
Look, this entire thing is an old-fashioned pyramid scheme for many of these types. To keep it going they have to dupe young fools into blowing themselves up. I guarantee you that this weasel isn't going to send his own children out to die. Stop funding terrorism and its supporters and you will starve it. These people (read the article!) hate all the Muslims who disagree with their twisted brand of thinking. They are the first focus of attack, because they threaten the franchise.

That's why they are attacking the voter registration sites in Iraq, and that's why they are attacking election workers. They can't have a successful Islamic democracy. This is a modern-day version of the brownshirts. It's suicidally idiotic to let this develop any further.

No rational legal or social system requires that nations permit terrorists and their sympathizers to live among normal people. That really is suicidal. From Blair's recent statements, it seems Britain may be waking up.

In specific terms, rational profiling is absolutely necessary. When aged grannies start blowing us up, we should focus on them. Until then, extra attention to young Arab Muslim men just makes sense.
Yes, some profiling will work. However, if you tighten it down too much then they will just exploit those who don't fit the profile.

I think the Israelis have become experts at dealing with terrorism, and there's a reason why they ask you questions about your luggage, etc. Humans can easily be manipulated into doing stupid things.
While I completely agree with you, I ask the question, how many KKK members and White Nationalists do you think have been on the dole over the years (I don't have the numbers, but it has been quite a bit from what I remember seeing in the past). Hate speech has never seemed to keep us from slipping the bill in the past.
A lot, I'm sure. When a society loses its basic instinct to protect itself, however, it's worrisome.

This man has the right to preach his religion. When it goes over to advocating mass murder and his hearers act on it I believe he's crossed the line.

KKK members have been indicted for conspiracy to commit crimes before, I know.
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