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Friday, September 23, 2005

Are You Going To Scarborough Fair?

Haha. I bet some of you think that's an oxymoron. Nope. On this DU thread bemoaning the fact that no Dems except McKinney and Conyers are planning to be at the anti-war rally tomorrow:
As the anti-war movement arrives in Washington this weekend, many top Democrats are leaving.

Nationally known Democratic war critics, including Howard Dean, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, Russell Feingold of Wisconsin and John Kerry of Massachusetts, won't attend what sponsors say will be a big anti-war rally Saturday in Washington.

The only Democratic officeholders who plan to address the rally are Reps. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia and John Conyers of Michigan.
Someone with the screen name Ray of Reason responds:
He knows full well that ANSWER is the organizer

http://www.answercoalition.org /

He also knows that ANSWER is a front for the unreconstructed stalinist World Workers Party, which supports Kim Jong Il, and that it was pro-Saddam and pro-Milosevic (not just anti-war in both cases). Appearing at anything with these nutcases is the kiss of death. Kudos to Dean for not being reflexively "I and with anyone who is against the war." Who here thinks Dean should attend a "NAMBLA against the war" rally, or express solidarity with "JewHaters against the war" (a close parallel to ANSWER)?

And regarding Sheehan, I think that a lot of the top Dems starting looking twice when she posted that essay on M. Moore's website in which she wrote that US troops should get out of "occupied New Orleans." Sounds a bit unhinged to me, and such a statement is radioactive to any politician who wants to get elected. But then some people don't care about that - they would prefer to rant, oppose anyone who does not agree 100% with them, and then wonder why they have no power to influence the course of events.

If you want the Dems to be a permanent minority party, then by all means encourge more of them to show up at ANSWER events.
Naturally, some take offense. Such is the fate of a ray of reason, especially on DU.
Here's another thread:
I am worried Rita will overshadow the War Protest
This is just bad timing! Just look here on DU. Their are more threads about Rita than the war protest. If we cant stay focused then I can't believe the rest of the country will be. Rita is doing damage to our countries politics as well. Rita sucks in every way! Well actually Rita BLOWS!!!!

Indeed, some claim they do have them:
7. For the sake of my Texan friends on DU, I'm going to say that a potentially devastating natural disaster just may be a wee bit more important than any protest. There will be other protests at other times. This is extremely important and relevant, considering some folks' lives may be at stake.

12. Bu$h did this on purpose When in doubt, blame Asshat.
The last one must not have gotten the memo about John Roberts. By the way, this was voted one of the greatest threads and posted on the main page. I hope Ray of Reason makes it out alive. One partial reply was:
ANSWER is a big tent for the voices that are never heard, which is what America should be. We should be open to discussion of any issue, and should especially listen to those who are the most marginalized and the least powerful.

You seem to be living in a public relations world, which is controlled by our war profiteering corporate news monopolies, and in which FEAR rules: fear of merely being seen with a person who has purple hair and pierced orifices. Fear of that photo. Fear of listening. Fear of open discussion. Fear of mingling. Fear of everything and everyone.

Let the fear end! Let the politicians BE SEEN listening to all, of whatever views. Let the politicians COMPETE on that platform, of all Americans, especially the marginalized and the unpowerful. Let them show courage and tell the truth about how THEY are bullied and made fearful by the warmongers and the super-rich.

We are all sick unto death of this represssive atmosphere. Let it end!
That's what Bush said about Iraq!

I now wander off singing "The ANSWER, my friends, is swinging in the wind. ..."

We could make a fortune if every nut job on DU could be comitted to a residential institution. We could refer said instututions as the Idiot Brigade Barracks.

Whatta bunch of whack jobs.
Not poor Ray of Reason! (But I suspect he'd get beaten up if he went to the big demo and failed to toe the party line. Communists are famous for not appreciating dissent.)
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