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Monday, September 26, 2005


Blogger - it worketh not and neither doth it spin!

Hey, I just wanted to see if I could post anything at all. It's been eating my posts all day.

You too, huh? The new picture posting utility is particularly fussy.
And now, all is forgiven. Rejoice!
Carl, I wouldn't even dare to try something wild like that.

SC&A - I am rejoicing. I thought I had lost that last long one. Blogger handed me the finger triumphantly, but it turns out it slipped up and posted it anyway.
Been out of town for four days so I'm not up to speed on Blogger...BUT... It is light years better than it was just two months ago. Picture posting is sometimes buggy, but other than that I've had no trouble.
Maybe it's one particular server only. I did get several error messages.

I also noticed that a couple of the Blogger blogs have been down lately.

But I agree with you - in general, it's a great service.
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