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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Boomr & Family In Monroe, LA

Okay, Boomr and his family made it to Monroe, LA. They are in a hotel enjoying things like AC, food and electricity. I am sure life will be very confusing for them for a while.

Boomr worked in New Orleans, and as he wrote before the Bitch From Hell hit, his office wasn't going to be there any more. I guess they need some food and rest before figuring out what to do:
We are probably going to be here for at least a few days while we figure out what to do next. We have received a number of offers of places to live (and other amenities) from people all over, so again, thank you for that. I'll be sure to keep you all up to date once we know what we're doing for the next few weeks.
There are families like this all over who have lost everything. Many no longer even have a car. How many of them there are is impossible to figure out, but there must be at least a million and a half displaced people. I want to remind you that many people in the coastal areas did not have insurance for homes and businesses. It was either impossible to get or impossible to afford. In the Gulfport-Biloxi area alone, the destruction of homes and businesses (especially the casinos) has eliminated huge numbers of jobs.

Arrangements for housing and employment in viable communities will be crucial, so do what you can in your local areas to try to coordinate efforts on those sorts of projects. The scope and suddenness of this disaster is absolutely unique. Try to avoid going to Florida for nonessential travel if you would have to stay in a hotel. People are being tossed out on the streets there and are driving around looking for places to stay. It is adding further misery to their lives and is exacerbating the gas lines.

Heroic attempt, M_O_M; glad to hear boomr's safe.
No, nothing about it was heroic. A lot of people are doing whatever they can.

It's horrifying to think how many families are trying to find missing people.
He's safe, his family is safe and all are healthy.

They don't have any problems.
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