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Monday, September 12, 2005

Chief No Nag Reports On Roberts Hearings

Chief No Nag has been fascinated by the Roberts nomination. He has been reading all the articles about it, and he was very anxious to hear the confirmation hearings. Finally I brought up the webcast at WaPo. Today all the senators had to give their speeches, and then they finally allowed Roberts to have his say with his opening statement. Then they adjourned.

The C-N-N summation:
Well, they all wanted their day on TV and most of them wanted to tell Roberts "Hey, you have to play by our rules to get appointed". But he told them "No, the law is the law, the facts are the facts, and a judge's job is to follow the law according to the facts. I cannot go back on that." And they cannot refute that - so there you have it.
C-N-N news, as opposed to CNN, has a rather high reverence for the truth and a rather low tolerance for BS. So there you have it. Chief No Nag also commented rather dryly that the Dems should cut this short because they weren't coming off well. He said one more day was about all they could safely push this. Probably the Leahy/Kennedy schtick about Katrina and racism/poverty pushed C-N-N's buttons.

For those wanting more verbose coverage, here is a SignOnSanDiego.com article with some of the opening blows. The WaPo Blog has some tidbits regarding each person's opening statements, but it doesn't cover Roberts' statement very well. He said that judges, unlike politicians, cannot promise to vote a certain way in exchange for votes! Ann Althouse is providing some coverage of the hearings. She called Kennedy "bizarre". I agree. Somebody get the wino off the TV and drive him home, please. Biden announced he would vote no, based on the documents he's seen. Coburn nearly started crying when he spoke about divisiveness. I sympathize with his feelings but I wouldn't want him in control of a hurricane evacuation effort.

Eventually GPO Access will have the full transcripts of the Roberts hearings, but it now contains prior transcripts from previous confirmation hearings. Ginsberg was particularly unforthcoming.

Dianne Feinstein's opening statement included the obligatory Nazi reference, but weirdly, this one came in connection with freedom of religion:
Also I will be looking to understand Judge Roberts' views on the constitutional provision of providing for the separation of church and state.

It is important to remember and learn from history. For centuries people have been persecuted for their religious beliefs. During the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, the Reformation, and even today, millions of innocent people have been killed and tortured because of their religious beliefs.

I recently traveled to Europe where I saw monuments enshrining the tragedies that have occurred in the name of religion. In Budapest along the River Danube there are 60 pairs of shoes covered in copper: women's, men's, small children's.

During World War II, Hungarian fascist and Nazi soldiers forced thousands of Jews including men, women and small children to remove their shoes, as a final humiliation, before shooting them and letting their bodies fall and drift down the river. These shoes represent a powerful symbol of man's inhumanity.
It wasn't religious freedom at issue with Nazis - it was pure racism. Believe me, having been a practicing Christian all your life did not save you from the Nazis if you had Jewish blood. I rather like Feinstein. I believe she is a cut above a lot of the recent crop of politicians, and I am sorry she made an ass out of herself this way. Feinstein's opening statement from the Ginsberg hearings is not available on the page.... They appear to be still working on that one.

I hate to be cold about this, but Kennedy can be easily dealt with.

Send a case of scotch up to his office with a note that reads, 'Mary Jo K' has questions, too.'
Oooh, that is cold.
I should be punished. I wanted to be punished. I just forgot to call the police, that's all.

I did remember to call my political party boss, lawyer PR firm and PI, though.
A sterling example of what disaster planning can do for a man and his future career....

Perhaps we should make Teddy head of the RFEMA (Reputation Federal Emergency Management Agency)?
ROFLMAO You two are two funny and now my comment is gone from my mind.....too funny!
Aw come on, Kennedy is worth keeping around just for the funny.

Maybe not.
Tommy, I think he's getting a little old.

Do you remember when he called Barack Obama "Osama"? You know what they say about every drink of alcohol killing some brain cells? I think that many of his have gone on to Valhalla before their neuronal time.
but his last name is Kennedy.

So it's OK. I'm not sure how or why that works, I just know it does.
Okay now I am scared. Last night i had a dream where I was standing at a bridge with two of those orange coneshaped lights they use to direct air traffic with....waving towards Kennedy's car, directing him to the brige as you all stood around joking.....

I need some serious help, I just dreamed about kennedy?

Thanks you guys!! lol
Cyli, that does sound frightening!
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