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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Cotillion 9.13

This week the Cotillion is serving up some pretty gripping stuff between the 9/11 anniversary and Katrina. The individual hostesses are TFS Magnum, Portia Rediscovered, e-Claire and Mary Katherine Ham of Townhall.com C-Log.

One that struck me was Darleen's post about fighting for an ordinary life:
How nice will it be if each approaching American holiday my grandsons’ experience will be excitement at the celebration with BBQ’s and fireworks, not threat levels and heightened security.

I realize I want to secure that ordinariness for them, as my parents and grandparents wanted the ordinariness for me when they faced fighting the fascism of their time.

It is an extraordinary responsibility that faces my generation; to both recognize the modern fascist ideology of Islamism, and to be dedicated to defeating it. And the defeat will not only be on battlefields, but will come within our hearts. It will come in defeating the nihilism that permeates our culture and holds us of the ordinary life responsible for the evilness of others.
It's not going to end unless we end it, that's for sure.

If you are in the mood for a laugh, Sean Penn received some attention from Florida Cracker and Atlas Shrugs. He's the Jane Fonda of this generation, I suppose. That's one American tradition I wish would end.

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