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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Cotillion 9.20 - Catch Up Edition

It may be late, but it is indeed great. Catch the final installment of this week's Cotillion. Mary Katherine Ham had me in stitches:
Dianne Feinstein does her darndest to look silly by spending most of her allotted time asking about toads and women jokes. Perhaps the saddest part of the exchange was when she opened with a question about Roberts' notorious, "sexist" joke, first freaked out about by the Washington Post.
The joke was the aside about whether encouraging homemakers to become lawyers contributed to the common good. "You old meanie!", reproached Feinstein. Sob, sniffle. Where's my fainting couch when I really need it?

Cassandra of Villanous Company contemplates Biden's comments about Iraq in dazed horror:
The other wonderful aspect of Consensus-uber-Alles is that it forever ensures the tyranny of the minority over the majority: a thing the Founding Fathers feared just as much as its obverse; for no action can be taken without securing the agreement of the most fractious and disgruntled members of the group. That delay provides a visible incentive to further disrupt the proceedings for anyone (insurgents, anyone?) who does not want a Constutition ever to come to pass seems not to have occurred to the brilliant Senator Biden. Why does he think they are fighting? Perhaps we should just defer the Iraqi Constitution until everyone in the entire country is united in glorious unison. Anything else would indeed be a miserable failure of the Jeffersonian model of representative government.
Talk about perverse incentives!

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