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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Cotillion Meets Out Of The Flood Plain

The mood of the Cotillion is generally a bit somber this week, as the members contemplate the tragedy of Katrina. The hostesses for the week are Annika, RightGirl, Merri Musings and Stacy.

One bright spot is that Crystal landed herself an excellent job in Hawaii despite all the discouraging words she has heard. You can't keep a good woman down.

Dr. Sanity has an entry about distortion, denial and the extreme left:
Distortion and denial, when used by otherwise mentally healthy individuals, are merely delaying tactics that the psyche uses to give the Self some time to adjust to an uncomfortable reality. Eventually, the truth must be faced if psychological health is to be maintained....
Kellipundit writes about the problem with getting prescriptions filled for Katrina victims. She is a pharmacist and did a stint of duty in an emergency shelter in LA. Don't miss this story of her struggling to get $3.00 copays covered. Mind you, if someone had an acute attack of asthma or was out of insulin, that lack of a $3.00 copay could result in an incredibly expensive hospital stay.

And Ilyka Damen nails the issue down. At the end she expresses skepticism about the Red Cross.

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