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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ed Koch On Cindy Sheehan

Ed Koch (RealClearPolitics) writes:
Many Americans, myself included, now see her as a person who has come to enjoy the celebratory status accorded to her by the radicals on the extreme left who see America as the outlaw of the world. These radicals are not content to be constructive critics. They are bent on destroying this country.

Some of them want to turn America into a radical socialist state. Others hope to create a utopia. But regardless of their agendas, how can Cindy Sheehan's supporters defend her shameful statement, “This country is not worth dying for.”
After that Ed starts throwing the huge punches - quoting Cindy Sheehan in her various interviews.
According to Wikipedia, Sheehan wrote, “Casey was killed in the Global War of Terrorism waged on the world and its own citizens by the biggest terrorist outfit in the world: George and his destructive neo-con cabal.
Koch quotes Sheehan's Hardball interview:
MATTHEWS: All right. If your son had been killed in Afghanistan, would you have a different feeling?

SHEEHAN: I don‘t think so, Chris, because I believe that Afghanistan is almost the same thing. We‘re fighting terrorism. Or terrorists, we‘re saying. But they‘re not contained in a country. This is an ideology and not an enemy. And we know that Iraq, Iraq had no terrorism. They were no threat to the United States of America.
We don't. Koch wants people to speak out against the Sheehan agenda.

That is a good article. I hate to even try to talk about Cindy because so many people refuse to even listen, taking the fact that you might disagree with them as a sign you are evil.
Ed Koch is okay in my book. He said all the right things after 9/11 and impressed me greatly.

Cindy, on the other hand....needs to go away. Yesterday.
Tommy - just like Cindy herself! The part in the Hardball interview where she complains that other family members had no right to release a statement disagreeing with her was quite incredible.

Esther - me too. He's someone who has credibility and some common sense.

Cindy lost any credibility with me a while ago. She seems to be in the grip of delusions of grandeur. I find her eery and scary. Her politics are immoral in the extreme.
" He said all the right things after 9/11 and impressed me greatly. "

I agree with that. He seemed to see things pretty clearly.
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