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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Humorously Devastating

Tommy of Striving For Average had me almost crying with his version of the Roberts hearings.

WuzzaDem has some great links to other versions of the hearings. You have to drop in at Ace of Spades HQ:
SENATRIX FEINSTEIN: Yesterday I recounted the heartbreaking story of persecuted European Jews being forced to remove their shoes before they were summarily executed by Nazi goons.

JUDGE JOHN ROBERTS: Yes, I, uhh, remember that. It was indeed heartbreaking. If, uhhh, not quite germane.

FEINSTEIN: I'd like to ask you about that incident. In your rightwing extremist ideological evil judicial philosophy, is asking persecuted religious minorities to remove their shoes before being shot a bad thing?

ROBERTS: A bad thing? Uhh, yes, I'd say it's a bad thing, Senator.
Did anyone else hear "Springtime ... for Hitler .. and Germany..." in the background?

Beldar is about the funniest lawyer around lately. He can't contain himself when contemplating the hearings. He ponders a weighty question of the law here.

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