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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Ice Caps Are Shrinking

This is considered to be evidence that the earth is getting hotter:
The polar ice cap as a whole is shrinking. Images from NASA satellites show that the area of permanent ice cover is contracting at a rate of 9 percent each decade. If this trend continues, summers in the Arctic could become ice-free by the end of the century.
The article warns that sea levels could rise by 3 feet by 2100, and ends with a plea for less use of fossil fuels:
5. Can we do anything to stop global warming?

Yes. When we burn fossil fuels -- oil, coal and gas -- to generate electricity and power our vehicles, we produce the heat-trapping gases that cause global warming. The more we burn, the faster churns the engine of global climate change. Thus the most important thing we can do is save energy.
But is that true? The ice caps are shrinking on Mars too:
And for three Mars summers in a row, deposits of frozen carbon dioxide near Mars' south pole have shrunk from the previous year's size, suggesting a climate change in progress.

"Our prime mission ended in early 2001, but many of the most important findings have come since then, and even bigger ones might lie ahead," said Tom Thorpe, project manager for Mars Global Surveyor at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. The orbiter is healthy and may be able to continue studying Mars for five to 10 more years, he said.
I think we need to face up to the fact that the sun is the primary driver of climate. We have known about what is happening on Mars since 2001. Maybe human beings have a psychological problem with accepting that there are things over which we have no control - but there are.

Great post.

My personal favorite is the 'shrinking ozone layer.'

Ever wonder why that is no longer in the news? Simply put, the ozone later CANNOT shrivel away- the level of the ozone layer is a solar function.

No sun=no ozone layer. Till then, take a pill.
right on.

maybe the left can find a way to TAX THE SUN, and that'll cause it to reduce its output!?
You mean it's not global warming but solar system warming? And it's our fault?

What are we going to do when the Martians have had enough of our sinful ways and invade us?
Tommy - blame Bush, of course!

Reliapundit - Why didn't I think of taxing the sun? Did you see the news about Clinton saying that higher gas taxes were good? It provoked DU.

SC&A - are you providing the pills? I find beer is both cheap and reliable.
Then beer it shall be. Mama, you're so high class.
Of course the effects on Mars will be ignored completely when debating global warming here on Earth.
Gindy, absolutely!
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