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Thursday, September 01, 2005

It's Bad In Mississippi

There are eyewitness reports of people wandering the streets and begging for water for their kids. Help is not getting through in the quantities needed.

Myrtle Beach Online

"We're not getting any help yet," Biloxi Fire Department Battalion Chief Joe Boney said. "We need water. We need ice. I've been told it's coming, but we've got people in shelters who haven't had a drink since the storm."
The Mercury News
Thousands of people lined up for water or food wherever relief agencies or the National Guard stopped, including several thousand at the Crossroads Shopping Center in Gulfport.

Four Federal Emergency Management Agency trucks distributed 44,000 pounds of water and 2,200 prepared meals at the mall. Guardsmen handed out a case of water and box of meals to each family – more to those with special needs.
Throughout the hard-hit neighborhoods, people wandered the streets, looking for anyone with a spare bottle of water or bite to eat. Bob Stump approached two firefighters with Bonnie, a blonde, curly-haired 2-year-old in tow. "You got any water for us?" he asked. All they had was a bottle of Gatorade in the fire truck. They gave it to him.
The worst problem is that there is no way of communicating to find people or organize help.

Essay Test:

Our moron president can't air drop water because......

The stupid son of a bitch can't air drop MRE food because....

The jerk can't have porto-potties air dropped because.....

The genius can't parachute National Guard troops in because.....

I voted for this guy knowing he was a mediocrity with feet because I feared the Democrats and the fact that they ran two guys I thought were worse. I think we have allowed our process to deteriorate to the point that only the political hacks can get elected.
Lighten up, Howard...The state fell flat on it's face. The feds were never meant to be the primary relief providers.

Anyway, hang in there, MOM. You'll find boomr soon enough.
Maxed Out Momma - I know you're down looking for boomr. God Bless you!!! My prayers are with you, boomr and his family and everyone!! Keep your spirits up and stay safe!!!
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