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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Joy In The Progressyve World

The grand conspiracy has finally come to light. KKKarl Rove is not the mastermind; John Roberts is. Liberal Larry is performing his normal wonders in linking up various members of the progressyve community, each of whom has uncovered a small piece of this vast rightwing conspiracy.

It's all clear now. John Roberts is Opus Dei to the max. Additional proof of the conspiracy emerged when it was discovered that Bork turned Catholic. As Professor Pan sagely writes:
According to Archdiocese of Washington Communications Director Susan Gibbs, Msgr. William Awalt, the longtime pastor of the Borks, baptized the judge, confirmed him and gave him First Communion. Father McCloskey celebrated the Mass, along with Msgr. Peter Vaghi, pastor of St. Patrick's.

Fr. McCloskey is the priest who has converted so many Washingtonians, including Justice Scalia, to Opus Dei-style Catholicism. The Federalist Society is crawling with them.
What you would never have known without the dedicated tinfoil draped researchers of the progressyve community is that Msgr. Vaghi is also John Roberts' pastor! There you have it in a nutshell.

If you need additional proof of just how horrifying the Vaghi wing of Opus Dei is, see the SupremeCourtAndOpusDei blog. Doing your job well and writing precisely is a well-known Opus Dei characteristic! Those evil plotters! John Roberts is known for his careful writing! KKKlearly a KKKorrelation!

Learn all about the awful significance of the Red Mass and the John Carroll society. Catholics, the lot of 'em. What more proof is needed? John Roberts is married to a Catholic! Also he attended a Catholic prep school which was, gasp:
La Lumiere was founded by lay Catholics.[ xxi]
As opposed to those lay Protestants, eh? See these terrifying excerpts from Msgr Vaghi's sermons:
How do we grow in holiness? In addition to conscious and active participation in the sacraments, each of us is called to embrace the Beatitudes, to listen and meditate daily on the Word of God, to make time for personal, family and community prayer, to cultivate a hunger and thirst for justice, to practice the commandment of love in all circumstances of life and service above all to the poor and suffering. This then is our checklist for holiness
Freaky stuff, eh? (I didn't want to shock any children who might run across this, so I censored some of the really horrifying stuff about Jesus.) Furthermore, it turns out that before Opus Dei, Catholics didn't have the "option of life":
Escriva’s message was that the ordinary person, who has a job or takes care of the home, can become a saint. Catholics didn’t have this option of life before the foundation of Opus Dei. With this revolutionary message, Catholics can offer their work to God. A professional and job well done is an offering to God. With the message of Escriva, people can approach God and do activities like participate in the community, go to the mass, pray in a church etc.
It's a wonder that one of the Popes didn't think up something like that, isn't it? I guess before Opus Dei all the lay Catholics just shot themselves once they got tired of raping, pillaging and not going to church. And John Roberts makes no secret that he is Catholic, and he is alive, so....

Furthermore that reichwing Rethuglican Iowahawk is trying to diminish Sean Penn's noble rescue work. He seems suspiciously Opus Dei to me too. Very few spelling errors.

Now you know. I recommend massing in the streets before the Senate and crying for succor to Barbara Boxer. While you are there, don't forget to express your outrage that FEMA is linking to some religious and rightwing militaristic charitable organizations on its websites. DU is up in arms:
The Red Cross is evil:
9. Red Cross Money kept big $$for 9/11. earmarked it for the battlefied......
just another seemingly innocent group supporting out outsourced war machine.
they did it to Frisco during the earthquake too. Fuck them.

15. Operation Blessings was also listed on the CNN and MSNBC charities list. Robertson should be held accountable.And it was the 3rd charity listed the FEMA website! I am so outraged!......George Bush is EVIL TO THE CORE.
You just can't satirize the left any more. They are too busily engaged in satirizing themselves.

I just saw the Roberts/Opus Dei blog.

Is the blog for real or is the guy just retarded?

As for the DU- well, no commentary needed.
It is most definitely for real.

Is there a specific diagnosis for Opus Dei phobia as extended to people who could possibly be Opus Dei, even though no shred of proof exists that they are, and even though no shred of proof exists that Opus Dei is anything but one of many Catholic faith organizations with no desire to conquer the world?

I am crying with laughter. I just had to share.
The specific diagnosis is 'whack job.'

If the author actually really and truly believes what he's writing, his diagnosis is 'freakin whack job.'
Still laughing...

I shouldn't have written "left". For all I know the Opus Dei Research blog is written by a die-hard conservative with a deathly fear of Catholic priests.
This is funny, but sad. The fear of Opus Dei & the Federalist Society is amazing.

I can't understand how some people are so quick to fall for conspiracy theories like this. First it was the neo-con Jews, after that it was concervative lawyers, & now it's devout Catholics. Who next?
Yes, it is amazing. A lot of people find all of that "evidence" very convincing! I nearly got ill laughing at some of the comments.
I sent a lovely one from the Tinfoil Hat Brigade (Special Moonbat Division) to the Doc:
4. A clever, diabolical, nefarious Rovian gerrymandering scheme that rivals Machiavelli! No, really. They mean it. It's not a satire.

I added my own observations as follows:
I'd express a measure of amusement at clotheaded cluelessness of this idiot's ridiculous observation.

Let's use some simple BRAINPOWER:

Houston, Tex.2,012,626
Dallas, Tex.1,210,393
Fort Worth, Tex.603,337
San Antonio, Tex.1,236,249
Austin, Tex.681,804

Houston and Dallas/Ft Worth are the #4 and #5 largest cities in the USA. San Antonio is #8, and Austin is #16. Those are immediate city pops, of course, and don't include the greater metro areas which are going to be much, much larger.

Contrast to #17:
Memphis, Tenn.671,929
Little Rock isn't even in the top 50.

Now, if you're going to dump a *buttload* of unsupported refugees onto an area, would you want to do it on an area with a large population which can pick up the slack, or would you want to dump it onto a smaller, low population area?

If an area can absorb a sudden influx of a large, unfed, and unclothed refugees, with the least amount of disruption, would this be the place with the large population or the smaller one?

Which one do you think has the necessary surplus food, and, more critically, the mass transportation infrastructure needed to ramp up inputs of additional food, clothing, and other living support...?

Then there's his comment:
"I understand a lot of the people who self-evacuated went to Memphis and to Arkansas"

Which means, what, "let's dump a HELL OF A LOT **MORE** UNSUPPORTED PEOPLE ON THEIR HEADS"? Yeah, THERE's a bright idea. Let's take an already overloaded city and dump still more people onto it's no doubt already groaning infrastructure...!

Talk about a dunderheaded moron.

These people are so busy looking for nefarious plots that they can't be bothered to think for 10 seconds.
Opus the penguinOf course he's Opus Dei - he wears a tie to church!
The John Carroll Society does do a great deal of service for the Church. One of their major projects is the Archdiocesan Legal Network, which provides pro bono legal aid for poor people in the Washington area. In additon, they gladly kick in for any fundraisers the Cardinal has going. Their activities are the Red Mass, the Rose Mass, for health care professionals, and the Blue Mass, for law enforcement. They also have a few communion breakfasts and a Christmas party for members kids, and a fall retreat.
For someone who has met him, it's hard to imagine Peter Vaghi as a gray eminence or any othe kind of eminence. He's more Friar Tuck.
Opus, after reading the "terrifying" (a word used by commenters on other blogs who referred to the Opus Dei/Supreme Court blog) excerpts of Vaghi's sermons I would have to say that I would like to meet him too. He sounds like a wonderful man with a powerful and active sense of faith.

I think it is his faith which frightens these people. Or who knows? Maybe it is the John Carrol Society's Christmas parties. Seditious in the extreme, no doubt.

If you read the blog, you will see that there is an utter lack of objective ability to reason. What it all adds up to is that John Roberts is Catholic and therefore dangerous. I don't know what to think about all this, except that there are a lot of demented people around.

I would not have bothered to point this particular locus of hysteria out except that I have read things in the MSM that come close.
Nick B, that is quite a link. For those who missed Nick's comment, he refers to a theory that the population of New Orleans is being evacuated to "Red States" in order to dilute Democratic voting power. Here is the link.

Nut cases abound on the right and the left, but what is different about the Dems is that they seem to take their nutcases more seriously. After all, Congressional representatives like Conyers and Hinchey have promulgated some of these conspiracy theories.
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