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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Mystery?

Ball of flame sighted over Florida:
Dozens of people from Jacksonville to Ft. Pierce flooded the U.S. Coast Guard late Tuesday with calls about a mysterious ball of fire seen flying in the sky, according to a Local 6 News report.
Experts said it could be a piece of space junk or a large meteor burning up in the atmosphere.

The Coast Guard base near Jacksonville also received calls.
Come on, we all know that was political rhetoric spontaneously combusting. For instance, Howard Dean fired this flamer:
As the people of the Gulf Coast begin the long road to recovery after the worst natural disaster in American history, President Bush is choosing to use this tragedy to push his conservative political agenda on the region. At this pivotal moment in American history, the residents of the Gulf Coast need a President that will stand up for them and will stand up to his cronies and the right-wing ideologues in his own party.

Instead, the Bush White House is taking this opportunity to push an ideological agenda suspending environmental and public health protections and pushing for tax breaks directed to the super-rich.
I bet Karl Rove was smiling all day. For instance, this is one of Bush's misdeeds:
Bush Suspended Requirement for Katrina Contractors to Have an Affirmative Action Plan for Veterans, Minorities, Women, and Disabled Persons. Bush's Labor Department has suspended requirements that government contractors have a written affirmative action plan addressing the employment of women, minorities, Vietnam veterans, and the disabled if the companies are first-time government contractors working on post-Katrina reconstruction.
Remember FEMA's sexual harassment classes for volunteer firemen? This is just opening up access to the little guys in the region by cutting red-tape. Quite a few beneficiaries will be minority-owned enterprises.

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