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Friday, September 23, 2005

New Orleans Ninth Ward Gets Hit

According to NOLA.com, 30 feet of water is washing over the Industrial Canal repairs and flooding the Ninth Ward in New Orleans:
Water poured in the Lower 9th Ward on Friday morning, topping a section of the Industrial Canal levee being repaired by the Army Corps of Enginners, Lt. Col. Pete Schneider of the Louisiana National Guard said.
Dozens of blocks were already under water as a wave of water 30 feet wide poured over a dike that had been used to patch breaks in the Industrial Canal. On the street that runs parallel to the canal, the water ran waist-deep and was rising fast.
This is too bad, but hopefully there is no one there to get drowned this time.

New Orleans is also flooding in several other places.

I'm watching it on Fox and CNN (screw MSNBC).

Yeah, we need to rebuild NO, just where it is.

Well, we're about to find out just how 'stuck on stupid' the federal government is.
Better you than me.

I think all the lower ground in and around NO should be considered a death trap until a real survey of the levees and floodwalls can be complete.

Water is over both banks of the Industrial Canal now, but the west bank seems to be holding.
ah but the New Orleans officials are saying that the levees are still intact.


is kinda funny, in a sad not very funny kinda way.
I believe that this was the place they were fearing it would but the area is already underwater. Plus to sigmund, carl, and alfred New Orleans will be rebuilt where it is. Blanco is correct for once we can out engineer our selves out of this. We survived hurricanes yellow fever etc. The lose lose the unique Southern Catholic and Jewish culture of New Orleans and the family based culture is something this Country cant lose. BTW I gladd maxedoutmama you are praying with the anchoress I love her blog. If this storm surge hits lake charles we are really going to be hurting here and in the rest of the Country. The amount of refineries and chemical plants there that are essential to this country as well as state revenue. I am trying to live blog it now at my blog
Yes - but we are going to have to get realistic right now. Some of the floodwalls clearly weren't up to the job and the problem was partially in the design.

I think the higher ground areas are okay. And if you are trying to protect smaller lower ground areas, that will be very possible. But we will have to build a city that is not a deathtrap.
Oh you are correct. Its been infuriating too see how the press has done such sloppy reporting on this issue. Rsp by constantly referring to these floodwalls as levees. I gues it has a more Southern romantic feel. Actully besides near St Bernard the Levees held. I believe that the infamous "Mr Go"(man made short cut for boats to go to the gulf from the river) to which alot of us have been opposed to was partly to blame there. I hope to give a detail posting onthe floodwalls once some more facts are filtered through. I was shocked that the 17th canal(which is really a big drainage ditch broke).
Bayou - either their lack of a work ethic or the network's demand for flashier "human interest" stories is showing. It's very hard to get good information about what is really happening not just in NO but anywhere on the Gulf Coast.
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