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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Oinking Along - The Citizens Report

Howard of Oraculations went to a football game and came back all charged up. Abandoning his normal dainty tactfulness of speech, he highlights the failure of the citizens of Bozeman, Montana to convince their local elected officials to give some of their federal bacon back. Not only did they refuse, they were offended!
Commissioner Steve Kirchhoff said he resented the "political slight of hand" the issue was creating for the commission. "I don't like people telling me where my priorities should be," he said. "I don't think anybody is trying to skirt over a national tragedy."
I will let you know how my local pork-busting efforts proceed. We have about decided to get ugly and circulate petitions at the churches. There is nothing that makes a GA representative or senator's heart quail in fear quite like getting petitions from churches. I ask you, does Georgia ( pronounced Jaaehajahwa locally, and don't rush through it ) really need federal money to buy more land around Kennesaw National Battlefield Park?

See Matt Duffy, who is actively attempting to work it. I have never encountered an issue that inspires such instant agreement from a huge range of voters yet is pure death when you make a phone call to your legislators. Isaakson does seem to be more responsive. Matt writes:
I've gotten the distinct impression from both Candice and from Tom Price's chief of staff that these aides don't appreciate my intrusions. They can't seem to understand why I'm bothering them or why I expect more of a response than a form letter assuring me that they share my concerns about the budget.
Man, I hear ya. Emails are getting no response. You have to call. Numbers here. Porkbusters here. Folks, it's time to put Hogzilla on a diet:

He's gotten too big to live with.

Update: Dingo wrote about Don Young and Alaska's bridge to nowhere. Of course, it can't be sacrificed so that we have money for the hurricane victims. You know - all those towns that aren't there anymore, the hundreds of thousands of displaced people, and all the roads that need to be repaired? Doesn't matter....

I already wrote a letter to my congress about that, urging to give back anything that was not in regards to homeland security (i.e. finally doing something about the subways other than just ineffectual random bag searches).
Stuff for security isn't pork. Bike paths and so really are, especially in light of the huge destruction on the Gulf Coast.

Congratulations! I don't think most of them are very willing to listen, though.
I wrote a post about Alaska's bridges to nowhere here and about Don Young's reaction when he was asked about giving some money back.
I saw dingos post- it was right on the money.

Here in NC, money is being tossed around like flower petals at wedding, thrown about by an intoxicated, red haired pair of twin boys.

Clear enough?
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