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Thursday, September 15, 2005


Enough is a Danish blogger. You must read this post, even though it is not pleasant:
To prove the point, a couple of days ago in Sweden, a couple of Swedish girls were first harassed in the shop where they worked, then pelted with objects, called whores and beaten - especially when they began to resist being terrorized!

One of the girls argued, when she was discharged from the hospital two days later, that "..one shouldn't be called whore just because one is Swedish and female.." - she does have a point... What she does not have however, is peace - being called whore in the ghetto of Ronna in Södertälje where this took (takes) place, is very normal for Swedish girls - and this particular girl has more ugly episodes to disperse. ...

Anyway, when the police arrived at the scene of the mini-ethnic-cleansing, they were attacked by the immigrants who quickly gathered into a swarm of 50 (fifty!) through their preferred means of communication through Mobile-phones. As usual, there were no respect for the police at all which were attacked, heckled, insulted, pelted with stones and so on. ...

Just as the police had managed to control the situation, the nearby police station where the victims were questioned, were drive-by'ed with automatic weapons: 15 holes in the walls: on the inside everybody threw themselves to the floor, with windows and wall hangings shattering above their heads.
This incident happened in Sweden, but you have the same tensions in Denmark as well. You have the same problems and street clashes in Germany. What you are seeing is the outcome of a welfare state when large numbers of immigrants arrive and live on the dole, and the more the authorities try to suppress the hostilities with sensitive rhetoric, the worse the tension gets.

You will see the rise of a new isolationist right in Europe as the result of this. As Bilgeman says, it's going to be ugly. Turkey has no chance of EU membership. Read this prior post from Enough.

I'm torn between outrage and being sick to my stomach.

The story you reference is an outrage.
Yes, and the consequences - all of them - are going to be an outrage as well.

This is what you get when you go down this path. Good intentions truly are not good enough.
Unfreakinreal. I feel like it's becoming the wild, wild west. Anarchy is out of control.
Esther, I have been following trends in Europe, but this shook me up.
"What you are seeing is the outcome of a welfare state "

And excessive amounts of tolerance.
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