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Friday, September 23, 2005

Praying With The Anchoress

I am and I have been praying with the Anchoress for Rita to stop throwing a tantrum. Some of you may believe that prayer is for fools. You are wrong. Prayer works.

Kobayashi Maru can explain this to you. Ask three doctors and at least one out of three will admit to witnessing things that seem medically inexplicable.

That Which Is (God) created the world so that it both had order and flux. The flux, in a physical sense, is present at the very lowest level of existence. You have to read up on physics to understand it, but the bottom line is that everything you see around you is rooted in particles that are fluxing in and out of physical existence. The fabric of the universe was designed in such a way as to make miracles possible. However, they are generally achieved through consensus, which we express by prayer.

Even if you don't believe, please pray for people to be spared and protected. All you need to do is express your fixed intent that people should be spared damage and injury from Rita for their own sakes. You will make your prayer more powerful by doing something in support of it, such as donating even ten dollars to a charity. (This ensures that you did indeed make a real and fixed decision of will in favor of this goal.)

I do pray, but there has always been something about "medical miracles" that has bothered me as proof of prayer. Doctors have recorded inexplicable "medical miracles" in pretty much every religion on earth.

This fact says to me either:

a) God does not care what religion you are. It does not matter if you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. As long as you are a good person and believe in him in some form, he may answer your prayers. Or;

b) Some things are just inexplicable
Dingo - God doesn't discriminate on the basis of denomination!

If a prayer is valid it is valid. God's not petty. People are. That having been said, one of the things that religions teach is how to pray in a valid fashion. Sitting around hollering to win the lottery doesn't cut it. Asking God to smite the person driving slowly in front of you doesn't qualify.

When you are really praying on behalf of another person (or persons) with no self-interest and no malign intent toward anyone, you are making a prayer that is always heard. It would be heard if you were a terrible person.

This is not a quiz show or a club.
I agree with you. And on your point on football. I especially agree. Playing football in both high school and college, and having a father who was a division I football coach most of my life, it always bothered me when people pray for victory before the game or attributed a victory to prayer after the game. During team prayers, I always prayed for something else like my family's health and safety.
Well, the health and safety (if not sanity) of a whole lot of people are at stake here. If there ever was a time, this is it.
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