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Sunday, September 11, 2005

R.I.P. 9/11 Victims

I thought two comments on this fourth 9/11 anniversary were particularly suitable. So I recommend a post at No Oil For Pacifists and this post at Sigmund, Carl and Alfred's.

It is awfully unpleasant to recognize this anniversary while picking up the corpses Katrina left behind. What can one say, except that life can never be totally safe or secure? It is a chancy thing always, and we need to remain aware of the dangers while celebrating the joys and achievements.

We live in a world of hazards, and our safety and security depends on each other. We would all do well to remember that.

I can't remember this day without thinking of all those killed in Iraq either. Our soldiers. Some of the best among us have died or been maimed. I have been more horrified than I can express by the terrorist attacks against native Iraqis there. Even children are targeted. When you strip away the rhetoric, SC&A is right. There really are only two world views. Some think that individual lives matter, and some don't. Saddam Hussein, the dictator and mass murderer, didn't think those lives mattered. Stalin didn't. Hitler didn't. The Chinese Communists didn't.

The ones who believe that lives matter will always win in the end, because the others - ideologues and dictators - always destroy the people they pretend to care for so much. Whether it is natural disaster or man-made disaster, we must realize that our goal is to limit the damage while granting, with sorrow, that we can never achieve perfect security in this imperfect world.

If you are fortunate enough to be born in a country in which the most lives are lost to natural hazards, you are fortunate indeed.

Hi Maxed Out Mama, I wanted to say Bravo on this excellent post. We are fortunate!
Yes we are. We are.

I have a lot of immigrants in my family background. Every last one of them thought making it here was an incredible stroke of fortune.
Let me add my voice to saying great post, MoM!!!! We must remember...and never forget.
Well said, M_O_M!

Did you see Mark Steyn today?:

"As part of their ongoing post-9/11 convergence, the left now talks about Bush the way the wackier Islamists talk about Jews. . .

On this fourth anniversary we are in a bizarre situation: The war is being won -- in Afghanistan, Iraq, the broader Middle East and many other places where America has changed the conditions on the ground in its favor. But at home the war about the war is being lost."
No, I hadn't seen it, Carl. Thanks for the link.

I think the war is only forgotten among the pundits. It is very much on the mind of average people. It does crack me up that the left wanted Bush to invade LA but doesn't think stopping people who want to nuke the US is appropriate.
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