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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Stiff Drinks

Really. It's devastating. Mr. Stick Figure Goes To Washington, an instant and darkly funny classic by WuzzaDem.

And Howard of Oraculations covers the UN's overwhelming desire to take control of the infrastructure of the internet. As Howard says, this would be the end of free speech on the internet. This is an issue for international freedom, human rights and a huge national security issue for the US.

There is one and only one possible response, which is "UP YOURS".

And Carl of No Oil For Pacifists writes on NY's rejecting the "we deserved it, please hit me again" camp by ejecting the IFC from Ground Zero. Carl doesn't say it, but Debra Burlingame is giving an object lesson to Cindy Sheehan as to how to mourn the dead.

The Anchoress does turn a cold and revealing eye upon the mindset behind those who are using Cindy Sheehan in the belief that somehow this will lend them moral credibility. Cindy is now doing it for money, and The Anchoress quotes a Cindy supporter:
Megan Hanford, said it makes sense that Sheehan would start charging for appearances. “She can’t work while she’s traveling the country,” Hanford said, “and she’s lost any income that her son might have brought her.
Oooooh. Never wave that flag at a former feminist liberal:

Are you telling me that this able-bodied 48-year old woman is now being portrayed as the poor woman whose sole support was her 24-year old son, that she has “lost his income,” and that now that he is gone, she has no means of support? Is this (undoubtedly self-declared) feminist actually suggesting that Cindy Sheehan - a modern woman in a liberated age - is the equivalent of a poor Old Testament Jewish mother who needed her son’s support to keep her housed and fed? That’s sure what it sounds like!
Well, yes, that is indeed a duck quacking and walking like a duck. If Mark Twain were alive he would be fisking this exercise in maudlin narcissism pretty severely. Cindy Sheehan is playing out a Victorian drama with only herself in the starring role. She can find no ease in this and we can find no virtue. Unlike The Anchoress, I wish it would stop.

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