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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Two More Dead Of Bird Flu In Indonesia?

This is confusing, but it appears that at least one more child has died from bird flu in Indonesia. She was five. A 9 year old is hospitalized with suspected bird flu, and she had visited Ragunan Zoo before becoming ill. A current list of people hospitalized with suspected bird flu is:
RSPI Sulianti Saroso currently treats 8 patients it was suspected terjangkit the virus of birds flu in two rooms, namely Cempaka isolation space and ICU.

Six patients in Cempaka isolation space were Paradise (9), Rosnaningsih (3 years 7 months), the official of the Zoo of Ragunan USA (28), the trader asongan in the Zoo Ragunan GENERAL (39), DW (17), and JM (9). Two patients in ICU space were Gayatri pearls (7) and Windy Lisa (3).
Another report said that one child died on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. But according to the Hong Kong sequencing reports, there is no genetic change in the virus that would have suddenly made it become more contagious. It may just be that people have been dying of this (mostly from exposure to infected birds) and now they are just testing and reporting it. We will know more within 10 days.

Regardless, if it were your kids dying you would not be heaving a sigh of relief. Even if people are contracting the disease from birds, it's very serious.

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