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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Why The Left Lost The US

According to Ann Althouse, Howard Dean's op-ed is slated to appear in a number of papers tomorrow:
Judge Roberts is said to love the law, but loving the law without loving the American people enough to protect their individual rights and freedoms will make our American community weaker. And the exercise of the law without compassion -- something that Judge Roberts and so many on the far right have consistently been guilty of -- undermines the grace and wisdom of the founders whose sense of balance and fairness made this country great.

In the past few weeks we have seen what happens when politics and indifference supersede compassion and organization.
The last line pretty much sums up the point that Dean is making, although there are some mildly funny bits when he seems to be claiming that, yeah, the Repukes are competent - but the Dems are compassionate! The idea that the law doesn't protect rights and freedoms is quite an amazing one as well.

As for compassion, I'd love for every person in the US to read Ted Rall's column at Common Dreams demanding that Americans not give money for Katrina relief:
Hurricane Katrina has prompted Americans to donate more than $700 million to charity, reports the Chronicle of Philanthropy. So many suckers, so little foresight.

It's time to "starve the beast": private charities used by the government to justify the abdication of its duties to its citizens.
This is who the progressives are. Tell me again about compassion? Read the whole column. Rall conceded that the government is ponying up big bucks, so his basic premise is logically inaccurate. It is certainly psychologically inaccurate. Those who get involved in private relief efforts are more likely to understand the needs and more likely to support government spending to rebuild the communities that have basically been blown up.

The progressive vision for the USA appears to be one of a cramped and bitter citizenry prevented from exercising its worst instincts only by the providential intervention of nine human beings. This is a recipe for tyranny and misery, not a roadmap to any future in which an average American would invest. The US is not a gulag. Its citizens are not uncaring, raging fiends salivating hopefully over the prospect of starving their fellow human beings into submission. Maybe that's why progressives hate America so very, very much.

There are many reasons the Left lost the US. Many of those reasons can be founf here;
Thank you very much for that link.

What goes unsaid in that article is what Darcey at Dust My Broom and what Pedro The Quietist so often write about. Those "traditional values" are the underpinning for moving out of the lower classes and into the upper classes.

So the Dems are pushing a message and a vision that is of no use at all to the average American. Americans simply don't want a European-style frozen society. We never will. We want freedoms and at least a shot at it.

Look at me and Chief No Nag. In theory at least we should be supporting the Dems, right? But we don't, because if we had accepted their vision of the world, I would still be a drooling dolt (unless I had been mercifully granted death with dignity by the progressive theorists) and Chief No Nag would still be speaking Spanish and working at crappy jobs.

We're just not able to buy it, because it doesn't square with our experience of life at all.
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