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Thursday, October 06, 2005

80 80 Fuel

I need the soundtrack for that song. If you want to run cool - what you need is 80-80 fuel....

Or whatever. I just like the sound - I never paid attention to the words.

Anyway, listen to it mentally as you get your 60 second economic update from Howard at Oraculations. All the financial news you need with not a wasted word.

China's economy forecasts ours. Fuel is taking us down, baby. That's Down, Down, Down. Stomp a toad today and save a kid. It's your duty to your species and country.

As for (gasp) public spending, Mover Mike has the bottom line, baby. We should cut every last penny we can cut from the federal budget. We will have to fund vaccine research and development for bird flu. We don't want to cut SBA (Small Business Administration). But all the puff programs; bridges to nowhere, etc, should all be cut. We should probably give some guarantees (so-an-so many years of electricity purchased at no less than ~ price) to the private sector to induce them to build nuclear reactors

We are hanging at the edge of a monumental recession, and if we fall over that cliff China will become unstable and aggressive, because the spending at le WalMart is what is keeping them going. Their economy is in a recession as far as I can tell. The cost of fuel is what is worrying Indonesia, not the next flu epidemic.

We need more fuel and less wacked-out environmentalists. It takes money to spend the money to preserve the environment. A country has got to be pretty rich to do it, and we sure are working hard to get poor!

Reminds of an old joke.

Wanna make a small fortune in the stock market?

Start with a big one.

I don't know if I'm as pessimistic, but I do see the dangers. The decisions we make now will have big, big repurcussions.
Well, on the bright side we have not hobbled our economy like a lot of the European countries.

Fuel, I believe, will come down.

Still, this is both a severe short and long term problem.

That's not a joke - that's a prophecy!
heavy heavy fuel.

It's dire straits. I think brothers in arms but I'd have to look and I don't have my stuff here.
You know what? I wouldn't say this:
"We need more fuel and less wacked-out environmentalists."

There was always a limited amount of easy cheap fossil fuel... and no amount of rampant trampling of the environment would ever have changed that.

In fact, the environmentalists are the ones who have pioneered biomass fuel and ethanol research and development. It looks like it is getting economically feasible now, and that is good.

Back in the day there were a number of prophecy interpretations concerning China. I think about those occasionally now.
Ilona - lots of environmentalists aren't wacked out. I am one of them. I am the most conservationist person you will find with running water in her house.

More fuel doesn't have to be more fossil fuel. Unfortunately I have never seen a thorough analysis yet that showed that ethanol was a good fuel. At this point, it is still negative balance, i.e. you invest more fuel than you get out.

But nuclear power is doable.

Wacked-out environmentalists are the Luddites of our day. They really want 3/4s of the human race to die to restore the "balance" of nature.
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