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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Able Danger Explodes Via Weldon

Driving home from work I happened upon Kurt Weldon talking about Able Danger on Hannity's radio show.

Weldon sounded half hysterical. He says he has yet another source (now seven) who will testify if subpoenaed, but is not allowed to talk to the press or to Congress. He went on and on about Captain Shaffer. According to him, Shaffer's lawyer was notified that one of the charges against Schaffer was theft for pens he took when he was fifteen and disclosed on his initial paperwork. Weldon claims that the DIA is attempting to shut Shaffer up by taking away his salary and health insurance while he is suspended.

Michelle Malkin has coverage.

The Strata-Sphere has even more, including, for example, this:
He claims the 9-11 commission staff did not want to pursue the story - he needs to tell that to Slade Gorton who has a habit of making grand statements for the 9-11 Omission. Weldon goes on to state he met in August and September with military officials involved in Able Danger - I had no idea it was this late breaking.

Weldon then names the first big new player. He says his conversations with Able Danger military officials was going well until leaders in the Defense Intelligence Agency, including the Deputy Director” decided the story should not be told. The DIA has “gagged” the military officers and not permitted them to talk to members of Congress (and trust me, that really pisses Congress off).
On Hannity's show Weldon said that he had evidence that members of the staff of the 9-11 Commission did not want information about Able Danger known. All I can say is that this seems to be a personal issue now for Weldon. He kept saying that these men really believed in "duty, honor and country" and should not be made to suffer for trying to do their duty, and I got the sense that he thought he couldn't betray them.

After hearing what I heard and reading the accounts of those who have heard other statements by Weldon, either Weldon has the goods or he is insane. Other way, he's not going to shut up. QT Monster's transcript of Weldon on the Michael Savage show.

This bids to be the biggest scandal of the century if half of what Weldon is saying is true, because now we not only know that the 9-11 Commission was lying, but that the establishment is trying to cover it up. The question is how far they will be permitted to go with this.

Some of this is not new. At the beginning of October Thomas Raleigh wrote a column for the Star-Telegram going over the evidence of a coverup by the Pentagon. Please read the column, because it is detailed and an excerpt would be misleading. The implication is that the Bush administration is going along with this, and I heard Weldon ask Hannity to broach the subject with Rumsfeld.

I think this is a huge bipartisan scandal, and it may become the last nail in the coffin of a lot of venerable news organizations if they don't start digging soon. This looks bad for the Clintonites, bad for the Bushites and bad for the Pentagon. I don't think any party has an interest in pushing this investigation, and the press appears largely uninterested, giving the lie to their normal proclivities. Why the Plame bit is considered worthy of all the press and Able Danger is not is quite a puzzle if one still believes in an objective press.

From the point of view of the American people, this is momentous. Congress should be allowed to investigate and these people should be allowed to testify. I'm emailing the Whitehouse and my congressional representatives. I want to know. If the attack could have been prevented we ought to know about that, and if this intelligence program worked we ought to be asking why it has not been forwarded.

Btw, according to Weldon the same unit uncovered information that an attack was planned in Yemen and said the USS Cole should not be sent into the Yemeni harbor. He claims the Navy was warned and sent it into the harbor, where it was bombed, anyway.

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